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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Heart Of The Home

If you've been wondering if I've forgotten.......
Or that I might have given up........Well I have been busy but, not too busy that I can't make Him  a part of my day....That I can't ask Him to guide my day and pull me through.
So I've been thinking.....If I am to memorize these very words, the ones He breathed life into, I'm going to do this right. If I want to make it memorable and hide them in my heart, I'm going to post them in a prominent place. A place where I serve, a place where I have learned it's not just a chore but, a blessing. It's a blessing to serve and scrub the plates of the ones I love. And there are still days when my heart moans and whines about washing another plate or cooking another meal.....But it doesn't take me long to come back to His feet in thankful praise for the life He has given me.
So I hung them in a place where you will find me the most....above the dirty pots and pans. Among the flour sprinkled every where and the sauce cooking on the stove. In a place where most call it "The Heart Of The Home". It's where my heart serves the most.....Pouring Iced Tea for my man every night before he walks in the door. It's where I Provide food for my family and a portion for those in need...or just because I want to share.

It's where science experiments explode and school starts on the big round table. It's where guests come through our Open Door.

It's where I grab the band aid box to make boo boos go away. It's where I have long chats and answer questions that sometimes I just don't have the answers for. It's where we come as a family at the end of the day, sit down and break bread....Where we pray....laugh and talk about life.

It's where we hug and kiss and say good bye......

So I can't think of a better place to memorize scripture and feed my soul than "The Heart Of The Home"

While I was writing and laminating scripture....I was unaware of Butterfly girl watching, until she came in and asked me if she could do the same with some of her favorite verses.......Even when you don't think it matters...Even when the smallest of gestures pass quickly by...They notice, they study, they take everything in and they become little mirrored images of those who take care of them...... I find I often have to be aware of my blemishes. If they are not taken care of they get red and fester......What's in your mirror? ......

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being Sneaky

Wanna know a good way to sneak in those greens and healthy foods your fussy child normally turns his/her nose up at?
Put them in a smoothie!  Although we do enforce the rule that our children are not to leave the table until all their veggies are gone.... I do have one fussy eater and he screws up his face and makes that gagging look when certain veggies are put in front of him. Oh he eats them! At times he's just not happy about it....
This way I can sneak those important powerful foods into his little body and he actually loves it!! He begs for it! To be honest with you, you can not taste the baby spinach or kale. the berries over power them. Sunday night I made a smoothie with Strawberries, Avocado, Baby spinach, Blue berries, orange, crushed ice and some raw honey.

 I use about a tablespoon of raw honey or agave for the sweetener because sugar defeats the purpose of eating all that's healthy in that blender. And I've been a witness to what too much sugar can do to a child. I've seen it's affects on my own children first hand and it's not pretty!  The old saying  "you are what you eat." Well I believe it to be so TRUE! I believe processed foods and things that are not natural can alter your brain and harm your health!
We don't eat supper on Sunday nights. Usually we just have something light. This was so yummy and so filling. I could almost feel my body thanking me and baby too! *Smile*
They are great for breakfasts and you can always change things up and try new and different things! The other night I made a Pina Colada Smoothie with frozen pineapple, coconut milk, and 1 Tbl. of agave. Soo Goood! Make your own concoctions or go on my Yummy recipes board on Pinterest. I have pinned a lot of yummy recipes there! I do want to say that you don't want to add no more than a 1/2 cup of your greens if your afraid of tasting anything green......A 1/2 a cup is where I found we could not taste them at all. Don't get me wrong I love me some greens, but I don't want them to over power my smoothie!

I hope you try this and sneak those greens in on your kids....Your bodies will sing in thankfulness!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Considering Home Schooling?

If you are pondering the idea of home schooling or are just beginning your journey I want to share with you our journey through the years. what has worked and what has not.

Lately I have had many people directed my way with lots of questions. In this post I will try to answer most of them.

A Little bit of background: I have been homeschooling for almost 12 years. I started with my oldest who will be going into eleventh grade this fall. I've tried most of what's out there. I've blundered and made mistakes. I've found what works and found what has failed us miserably! I'm not a pro....I'm always learning. Here is a post about why we chose to Homeschool. So with all that said, take my words as free advise. You are free to pick and choose what you want and my hope is that more than anything you will be encouraged!

*First and foremost, Pray that God will guide and lead you on this journey. Just like with anything else in your life He needs to be a part of this too! Pray about your schedule, your curriculum and the goals you and your family would like to accomplish.

*Find out your State's Laws on Homeschooling.

*Please do not compare your family with any other family! Your family is unique! Stay that way! Little Susie may not be strong in math but her ability to write, read and spell may far exceed those around her. Go with their interests and likes and build on them. And if  she struggles at math find a curriculum that will cater to her learning style. Which leads me to the next bit of advise.

*Find out what your child's learning style is. This is a good explanation of all three learning styles. And then find curriculum accordingly. It's hard not to get in a tail spin over curriculum! There are so many choices, from the really high priced to finding free stuff on line. Try and find sites that give you samples to look at like this one CBD. To be honest with you, the really high priced stuff does not mean your child will get a better education! And try and get your brain to wrap around this one concept....Homeschooling is not all about the curriculum! Your kids will be learning right along side you. Especially through life's every day experiences! Here is a link that will advise you on homeschooling methods and curriculum.

I'm an eclectic homeschooler which means I use a little bit of this and that. Here is a link to the History curriculum we will be using this coming year. I love Queen Homeschool Curriculum. We use Teaching Text books for my highschooler's math. It's a little pricey, but math is not my strong suit so I will not skimp on their math. We also use Living math from the Queens website for my younger two. I could go on about all my favorite web sites but, that's for another post.

*Try not to copy or imitate public school...Isn't that why you pulled your child out or started homeschooling in the first place? Homeschooling is just that, learning at home! You don't have to teach 8 hours a day! And you don't have to use dry, dull and boring text books! Be creative and learn to have fun! And if you have forgotten already.... remember your family is unique!

* Here is a look into our Homeschool

*Look for other Homeschooling families who are like minded and glean from them. Find a Co-op or a local homeschool support group. Google them for your county....there are lots out there! Or start your own with friends who may want to take the plunge with you.

I hope this has helped in some little way. That you have been encouraged. And if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I am here to help!

May God Bless your journey which ever path He made lead you to..........

Menu Planning Monday: Week 2

So here I am slowly getting back on track. It feels good......To tackle those things that stare you down and make you feel uncomfortable until you deal with them. Procrastination and I, well we used to be the best of friends. And now I feel something coming between us. We no longer have that much in common any more. I find she weighs me down and drags me under til I can't barely breathe.

It's funny how I'm really starting to like Lil' Miss Organization. I never thought we could be friends but she seems to help me out of the messes I get myself into once in a while. And I like that. We all need a friend like that. Don't we? I see the beginning of a Beautiful friendship on the horizon. Oh it's not a perfect one....I'm sure I'll let procrastination come over to play sometimes. It's just not going to be like it was. *Smile*

With that said, here is my weekly menu. Hope you like it! It was Lil' Miss Organizations idea........

Supper: Crock Pot BBQ Chicken- Macaroni Salad & Corn on the Cob with Watermelon

Supper: Spaghetti with a toss Salad

Supper: Sloppy Joes with asparagus

Supper: Meatloaf, roasted potatoes & Corn on the cob

Supper: Chicken Wing Pizza, Toss Salad and a Pina Colada Smoothie

Supper: Chicken Wraps and Fruit Salad

Dinner: Roast with potatoes and carrots & Homemade Coconut Ice cream

As always, if you would like the recipe to any one of these just drop me a note and I'll be sure and get it to you!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Morning Treasure: If You Just Believe

If ever you could have a favorite word, this would be one of mine....Sunshine girl made this for me a couple of summers ago while she was away in New York.....I've told her many times before...I've quoted scripture about the mustard seed and how your faith can be so small and still move mountains, if only you just Believe......

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

and oh do I Believe with all my heart and soul. I've seen Him move mountains and melt stone cold hearts. I watch Him dot the heavens with little shimmers of light every night.  and hanging high above all that He created, I Believe He hung the moon.

Jesus said to him, if you can Believe, all 

things are possible to him that Believes. 

Mark 9:23

So tell me, What do you Believe?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Psalm 113:3

How can you not take notice or not be in awe? How can you believe that this magnificent orb came from nothing at all.....that it can just hang there in exactly the right position? One smidgen too close and all disintegrates. One smidgen the other way and all will be frozen in time.

 I ponder it's light, it's soft cream cicle glow....How it can be so soft at moments like this and so blindingly bright in the moments of tomorrow.

And I praise His name and all that He is.....

The Great Creator......The Great I Am.

From the rising of the son to the setting of the same, the name of the Lord is worthy to be praised. psalm 113:3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choose Wisely or Fly With The Thieves

I've been trying to stay a float among the piles of paper and books that I have on every table in the house. It's end of the year school reports and I'm in the thick of it all. So I ask for your grace as I chase this little ball of mischievous energy, while I dot my i's and cross my t's, fix supper, tackle Mt. Neverest and tend to my man when he needs me.

I'll be in and out....still sporadically, but not because of a heavy heart. Just because life is full and busy. And my priorities are staring me strong in the face. And I know what my time thieves are.....I've always known.

Lately I've been choosing the real, the tangible, the right here and now moments.....Death seems to magnify time! Living life vicariously through a computer screen or a phone is not living! Waiting for something to happen is wasted time! Choosing to make something happen is precious time......I choose to not let the time thieves rob me of the precious moments in this life. And really when I think about it.....I've always been the one who has had  control to choose my priorities. I'm the one that chooses to fly with the thieves........

It's amazing what you can get done when you choose to cut out the things that rob you of your moments!

We have the freedom to choose..........Choose wisely!

I want to be present for the ones that are in my presence....

I'm linked with Denise in bloom Today!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Letting Go

He's 16 and some say he's too young and others, well they are just not sure.......And I say only the parents know their child .....their strengths and weaknesses.....Their fears and triumphs....What they are good at and what they need help with.

7:30 A.M. yesterday morning and he's all ready to go, to drive that 1200 mile trip he always use to make since he was a baby, but now he's going solo for the first time. I was fine until he nuzzled his head into my shoulder and gave love sniffles....the way he always did when he was just a boy. My little snuggler all grown up. I try hard to pull it together while he's off down the hall hugging his sisters.....But I just couldn't dig deep enough.

We hug and kiss.......I let him know how loved he is.

A while back him and I were talking about life and why Daddy never cries........To his knowledge he has never seen his Daddy shed a tear, but what he doesn't know is that he was there when the first tear was shed over him.....the morning he was born..... Those tears of joy streamed down his Daddy's face.......And I've seen tears of pride over a son that has accomplished what most grown ups can't conquer.....

And I understand that these boys grow into men and they need to be strong, but I also know it's not weakness when a man sheds a tear........

My man grabs his 16 year old son who now towers over him, holds him tight and begins to pray, son's head resting on Daddy's shoulder......And Mama still trying hard to fight her own tears. As Daddy begins to pray for safe travel and protection over our first born...The tears well up in a man that is stronger than any one I know. And the most peaceful, angelic look came over our 16 year old boy's face.......For he didn't sense weakness in his Daddy.....He felt security and LOVE. For the first time he witnessed his Daddy's tears.....And I have to tell you it was more powerful than any moment I've ever seen with out a tear shed!

That moment...that image will be forever etched in my mind! Forever Beautiful......

Yes it was hard letting him go....Extremely hard.....But we raised that boy to be strong and to make wise decisions. We gave him responsibility and he always seem to take it and run with it......Never gave us any reason to doubt him.....Never any reason not to trust......You see Our son, the one we've watched grow into this strong sweet, sensitive, responsible young man....He has a vintage soul that's encased in a 16 year old vessel and Johnny and I, we couldn't be more proud..........

Right now as I am typing this, our boy has two and a half more hours of driving time til he reaches his destination and this Mama continues to pray for her baby boy and the tears they are still flowing...not because of worry, but because I have to let go.........

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'll Still Be Here, Just Sporadically

When this life comes at you shockingly hard, the things that normally would matter get tossed and pushed aside....So I must let you know all the things I have been planning, well I need to put them aside....

Just until I get my thoughts straight......You see this past week has been extremely hard and I have one more hurdle that I've asked God to get me through. And until then I've sort of checked out...Like a birthing Mama that puts herself somewhere else when the labor pains strike hard.  And it's all about letting go and giving everything that cripples you to the only one who can bare this heavy load.

So to the side I set the meal planning, and just for a little while I've set aside Proverbs 31.......But you can be sure I'll be searching His word and grabbing other passages to keep my soul at peace.

And I have to tell you I'm not sure when the next post will be. I've never claimed to be a professional writer. I've often stated most times I'm grammatically incorrect......When I write, it's because it's on my heart and I want you all to know I never usually plan my posts.......God does. I always pray and let God speak to my heart and often when I read what was written I have to ask "Did I write that?" I'm not claiming to be a prophet.......I just know when your still and quiet He speaks in and through you.

So if you see a sporadic post........It really wasn't sporadic at all, just God's timing. This is where I come to be real....Where I share my heart. I want you all to know I break and hurt just like you.....I'm not perfect....I mess up more times than I care to admit....I'm sinned soaked, but I'm forgiven and He is Grace........

So I ask for your forgiveness for not being on schedule or planning things right down to the very last minute......Sometimes I believe I'm  not suppose to be perfectly organized.........It's my creative side of the brain that runs the show and I believe that's where God speaks to me the most.........

I'll be here....in and out. Typing my heart in the dark sporadically to you and I, but well planned out in God's eyes.

Friday, May 11, 2012

This Is Life, Precious Life!

If ever I were to feel my world stop spinning and the very moment I'm in freeze in time, it would of been yesterday.......I'm in the salon getting pampered, a long over do haircut and my phone rings.  I look to see who it is and big sister never usually calls in the middle of the afternoon. So I answer....

"Dad is okay." Are the first words I hear. "They no sooner got him in there and Ma said they were saying code 5 over the intercom. Kimmy, he coded on the table!" That was my first freeze frame, when my world came to a halt. And me not really sure that I heard her right, I asked her to say it again. And I'm not sure why I was so calm, I can only tell you it was through God's strength that I didn't cave.

And I hear it all the time that close calls like this, make you aware of how precious this life.......But I gotta tell ya I'm always aware of the reality of this life and how precious your moments are this side of heaven.....You can't live 41 years and not see how valuable your time is, because every year that goes by is faster than the last. I've had loved ones die that were very close to me and if you've ever loved, you know your bound to get hurt.

To be honest I would take the hurt any day over not ever having the chance to love and live this precious life. It's impossible for me to live this life in a numb state not feeling the emotional highs and lows of memories and moments all wrapped up in ribbons. They create who you are and with God's strength they mold you into love and helping others. If we were all here for the sole purpose of just ourselves than what's the purpose of living. This world is tough and hard and really who wants to go it alone? We are social beings created with a soul and made to have heart because He knew this life would have it's hurts....it's joys and the days when you have moments freeze in time.

This man helped create who I am today. Through all the trials and the hurts I caused while trying to grow up, he never gave up on me! Never quit because I hurt him too much. Never went numb on me.......That is precious! That's what life is all about...Never giving up on the ones we love. Learning and living and loving through trials and struggles together. With Christ as the Center holding us together......

The second phone call comes in and it's my Mama......"Kimmy it's worse than they had thought. He can't breath on his own right now." And the tears start to flow on both ends and I feel so helpless being so far away. And why do I feel i still have control over situations He's already got under control? I immediately tell Mama, stop and listen! I'm gonna pray for Daddy, with you right now, here in this parking lot. I grab the door handle of the truck and just hold on and I give God all I got. I come at Him hard, tears flowing like a river. And there at that moment is where I got my strength. That's where I felt my peace.

A couple hours go by and I'm sitting in the rocking chair my mind exhausted from the event of the day......And I felt a very strong comforting feeling and I swear I heard Him say "Kimmy it's gonna be okay, it's not his heart. he will be okay."

Our biggest fear was that he had a heart attack because he has a heart history. And then the next call came in a couple hours later. "The Test went fine, his heart is good!"

And I know your not suppose to fear and worry but, sometimes this sinned soaked Mama is weak. I know He is in control......Because I have felt His peace.

I have to tell you I heard the most amazing sound this morning over the phone! The rustic, burly voice of the man that I call my Daddy......And the tears began to flow not the ones from pain, not this time......but the ones that are caused by pure Joy!

And I wouldn't miss this ......The joys, the struggles, the hurts.........I wouldn't miss deeply loving all the people that I do just to keep the hurt away!

This is life.....Precious Life........

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Mama What Do You Want For Mother's Day?"

"If you could have anything you wanted for Mother's Day Mama, What would it be?"
My sweet baby girl......What I want doesn't come all wrapped up in a pretty box with a bright pink bow. It doesn't come from a store. You can't make, bake, or create what I'm about to share with you......
What I want is for you to see  that I'm trying real hard to be the Mama you, your brothers and sisters deserve to have. What I want is for you to know that I've messed up and I know I have given you days done all wrong.....And more than likely this sinned soaked Mama is gonna do it again. But I'm praying........
I want you to know I'm always praying for God to give me grace in this journey I'm sharing with you. and I want you to know that I pray for each and every one of you. I want God to give you all your heart's desires......I want His Love and protection to encompass your very souls..... What I want is for you to keep your JOY in every trial that comes your way. I want you to share Jesus with others. I want you to live this life knowing you've done all you could to further God's kingdom and to share His Love. I want you to work hard and give what you can. I want you to stay true and real. I want you to stand up for what's right......For what honors God.
I want you to know that in this life your gonna have struggles......But it's in God that you find your strength. I want you to continue to read your Bibles right on into your golden years. I want you to be happy....remember to stop, pause and pray and ask God to help you make the right decisions in this life, for what you choose matters in the next life. I want you to be responsible and own up to what is done wrong.

What I want is for you to know how deeply I love each and everyone of you! And although I have my days where they are turned inside out, remember I'm always trying to get it right because you deserve the best! I want you to know that I'll always have your back. You can always come to me with anything that troubles your heart and stirs up your mind. This Mama's heart is full because each of you have etched a place deep with in......And I can't imagine not ever having the chance of being your Mama....I can't imagine life without any of you.

What do I want?.........What more could I want?  I have God's greatest blessings sharing this life with me.....

John Hunter

Chyanne Kimberlyn

Summer Skye

John Kole

Autum Reign
Zoey Anne

I've got everything I could ever want right here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seeking Out Proverbs 31 (verses 16-18)

13.) She seeks wool and flax and willingly works with her hands.

14.) She is like the Merchant ships, she brings food from a far.

15.) She also rises while it is yet still night and provides food for her family and a portion for her maid servants.

I always use to make excuses for not memorising scripture, for not reading His very word. But I have found if you want to be among the living, you must remember to get nourished by the bread of life.

But the life of my Lord shall be bound in the bundle of the living with the Lord your God 1 Samuel 25:29

I read that verse this morning in an article that was sent to me and I needed to see, hear and feel this verse more than you know....You see my Mama's heart is struggling to let go, to cut the very life cord that use to bind my son and I together.....And I know I can't keep him here forever, but it seems my heart is making every last ditch effort to keep him that little boy I use to hold and cuddle in my arms. The little boy I use to watch like a hawk and protect like a Mama bear protects her cubs.

I've asked God to strengthen this soft heart of mine....to let me know that it's okay to let go this soon and what greater peace can be found in knowing that my son is "bound in the bundle of life." That no matter what comes his way...He will always be loved, protected and cared for deeply by our almighty God......And that's so much more than this Mama can do! 

So when you think you have an excuse not to read His scripture......think again. When you feel you just don't understand it...Ask Him to help you see. When you say there is no time...make the time. He is your LIFE LINE!

For He surely did not make any excuses before He went to die on that cross for you and I.

16.) She considers a field and buys it; From her profits she plants a vineyard.

17.) She girds herself with strength and strengthens her arms.

18.) She perceives that her merchandise is good and her lamp does not go out by night.

You can't control this life or those around you that share this life with you, but you can rest in the fact that God your Father in heaven....the one who created your heart and your soul has you "bound in the bundle of life." there is no other protection greater than that! Not even a Mama Bear's........

I will tell you about my son's up coming adventure in a later post.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie From Scratch

 The first thing you need to do is boil a whole chicken. You want just enough water to cover the chicken.When done pull chicken out of the water and set aside to let cool. Take the homemade broth and either place it in the fridge to let the fat harden so you can skim it off the top or strain it through a gravy strainer to separate the fat.
 The next thing you want to do is de-bone the chicken and place it back into your broth. Add chicken bullion.
 While simmering add your favorite veggies and seasonings and cook until tender. Thicken it with corn starch and water.
 Make a double crusted pie crust and roll it over the top.
Place it in the oven at 350 for about 35-45 minutes. I apologize for not having exact measurements but this is how I cook a lot! A little bit of this and a little bit of that! (or a lot) Depends on what it is.....

I have even been known to just fry up some boneless chicken breast and cut it up into chunks add enough water to cover your meat and veggies add the bullion and thicken it. That way you don't have to mess with separating the fat. Or you could just take all the skin off your chicken....But the fat does give it nice flavor!

Weekly Menu Plan (week 1)

One of the things I want to accomplish while trying to be more organized is to make a meal plan every week. It seems the days of just coming up with a last minute meal are over. I use to be able to do it, but some how with the more blessings we have received and the heavier work load that keeps piling up...(Like Mt. NeveRest) it's becoming a lot more difficult and I find myself scrambling at the last minute and sometimes I don't even get anything on the table!

And I can not continue to run my home this way....Causes too much stress! And my man is getting the raw end of the deal! So here it is, my very first Meal Plan!

Supper: Chuck roast with roasted potatoes and carrots,Corn on the Cob and Pineapple cake with Cream cheese frosting
Chicken Pot pie, Steamed Broccoli and Oatmeal raisin Cookies
Crock Pot Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches and Seven Layer Salad
This is my Sunshine Girl's night to make supper! and this is what she wanted to make!
Chicken Teriyaki with rice and Stir Fry Veggies and Fruit Salad for dessert
Sausage and Rice with Oven baked Cauliflower and cheese sauce, Chunked pears over frozen Yogurt
Taco wraps and Watermelon
Mother's Day ...Making a dish to pass to take over to My Mama in-Love's

I only made a supper meal plan because we usually count on the left overs for lunch. Next week I will add a Breakfast menu!  If you would like to know how to make any of these dishes I would be glad to share the recipe, just leave me a note and I will get it to you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When You Allow God To Work In Your Heart

Three years ago I wrote 25 things that told people a little bit about who I am.......

It's funny to me that in a short three years how things and people can change. How hearts and desires are molded.

And although the majority of this list still remains the same.....there are a few numbers that I would like to change.  It's amazing how God works His GRACE. How he moves all about, in and through your heart when you ask him to.

Here is the list:

1.I wish when bad things happen up home that I could be there in a split second.
2. My favorite time of day is right at dusk, right after the sun goes down. 
3.I don't like a lot of light, I like soft light.
4. I like things in order when there is chaos I can't think.( which is practically all the time) The chaos and the not thinking part I mean.
5.I hate it when people are mad at me, I will go out of my way to clear the air.
6.I love to sing
7.I love the smell of fall up home and the sound of geese migrating overhead.
8.I love to make people happy with food.
9.I'm not as thoughtful of other people as I would like to be.
10.I love the smell of lilacs!
11.I love it when my kids get that deep belly laugh.
12. I love how johnny is steady and emotionally stable at times when I'm an emotional mess.
13.I love it when my canning jars are all filled and lined up neatly in my cabinet. It makes me feel good that in some way I am providing for my family.
14.I love the sound of peepers in the spring.
15.I'm in to making and keeping memories. I love to do things out of the norm just so it will be more memorable for my family, even though it makes them feel uncomfortable, to me it is well worth it in the end.
16.20 minutes of the beach is about all I can stand... but I stay because whom ever I'm with usually loves being there!
17.I love picking berries up home whether they be wild or not.
18. I love sitting by the campfire and singing with my sister. We never get to do that anymore.
19.Sometimes I talk like Julia child's when I'm cooking.
20.I would love to talk like Paula Dean.
21.I'm not one to watch movies...two and a half hours seems too long, but yet I'll watch six half hour shows. go figure????
22.I love to laugh but I don't think I laugh enough!!
23. What I hate the most about myself is that I get irritated with my kids to easily. Patience would be nice but we all know what happens when we pray for it!!!
24.I love the smell of Johnny when I'm in his arms & it still gives me butterflies when I see him in a semi! Don't know why?
25.I'm 38 and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up... and that makes me sad!

4. I'm learning that with the Lord's help, order can be obtainable....And at times when it's not, I've learned that it's okay to just let it go.

5. I still don't like it when people are mad at me or that they just don't like me...But I've learned that sometimes....Most times you can't please everyone. God is the only one who truly knows my heart! And He knows my heart's intent is not to hurt. I've learned to let go of the thoughts that take me captive. And I have to tell you...... it's very freeing!

9. As God is growing my heart, my thoughts are turning outward more and more!

23. And it's a praise for me to say that I prayed for God to show me patience, grace and mercy on my children and He lovingly showed me the way.....He is still showing me the way. Oh I'm not perfect but, life sure seems a little more calm and quiet around here! I've learned that Mama sets the tone for the day and how she chooses to handle the disturbances is how the day will continue!

24. Number 24 will never change!!!!

25. What makes me sad is that I have been doing what I love to do all along and I really never realized it. (Not to the full extent I do now!) I've been raising babies and being the best Mama I know how to be. And every day I wake up next to the man of my dreams and I can't seem to thank God enough for this Strong, faithful man he has given me.
And every day I look into the faces of 5 beautiful blessings with one on the way and I know without a doubt that this is where I'm suppose to be. This is what I'm suppose to do while I'm growing up. I'm a sin soaked Mama learning God's Grace. The faithful loving wife to the man that calls me his Princess....What more could I want? What more could I ask for here this side of heaven?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Take Time To Feel His Winds of Peace

No one ever said being a Mama was going to be easy..........No one ever said this life would be easy. And there are days I believe I have really lost my JOY but, can you really ever lose your JOY........Does Jesus ever walk away once you have asked Him to stay?

And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. John 10:28

It's not Him who is lost, it's me that tends to walk away when my days don't turn out quite right. I must admit, I am getting better at staying put in the midst of my small storms. Learning to just stay still and let His winds of peace blow over me.

There are so many days I try and catch up that I forget to go out side...... I forced myself the other day. Grabbed a chair and my two youngest girls came out giggling and running after me.

And Butterfly girl said......"Things seem so much better when your out here watching me Mama."  I smile as His winds of peace blow through my hair. But I also ache at the sound of her sweet little voice because there were many times that I have just walked away when my day was all done wrong.

And why is it that my children just want me to be there?

Because it brings them Peace and Joy.

And isn't that how it is with life?

Things seem so much better when you know He's out there watching over you. When you remember that NOTHING can ever separate Him from you.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present, nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all of creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

Now won't you join me today and live this life with all of the JOY that you and I are promised? And don't forget to go out side To feel His winds of peace blow through your hair.

Be Still and know that He is God!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

She Seeks wool And Flax

Okay are you ready I am going to type the verses I memorized with out looking! I know you can't see me but, your just going to have to trust that I know them and that I'm not cheating....I promise.

10.) Who can find a virtuous wife.
For her worth is far above rubies.
11.) The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So that he will have no lack of gain.
12.) She does him good and not evil all the
days of her life.

I must say that even as I was typing this, verse 11 spoke to me and hit me hard......What am I doing that might be causing my man to lack gain? Where can I cut the costs? While he is working hard to bring the money in....Am I working hard to keep it safe? In some areas I am, but I certainly can do better!

As I move onto to the next set of verses I want to ask you to pray over them. Ask God to open your eyes to what He wants you to see...... It may even help to write them down, and like me, He may not show you right away. Remember his timing is perfect.

13.) She seeks wool and flax and
willingly works with her hands.
14.) She is like the merchant ships,
she brings food from afar.
15.) She also rises while it is yet night,
and provides food for her household and
a portion for her maid servants.

As I take a first glance at these verses, what I see is a hard worker; who is concerned with the well being of not only her family but, those around her. She "willingly" works with her hands. Which means to me she knows where her JOY comes from. She has learned to enjoy her work for the Lord. She is unselfish in that she rises early to start her day to take care of her family and her maid servants. Being that we don't have maid servants today, we can safely say that it is meant for us to take care of those around us!

I pray that I remember where my JOY comes from and that I will always remember to be "willing" to do the tasks set before me with out complaining or grumbling, inside or out!

Blessings to you today. And may these verses dwell not only within your heart but, deep within your soul!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seeking Out Proverbs 31

As I seek to find order for our home my mind keeps wandering to the Proverbs 31 woman. So this afternoon I had some quiet time and I opened my Bible to that very spot and just sat there pouring myself into those verses and drinking them in all at the same time. And have you ever noticed that you may have read a verse 999 times and on the 1000th time it speaks volumes to you!

That's because His word is living and breathing, always speaking to you at just the right time......Just when you need it the most!

13) She also rises while it is still night.
And I wonder how many countless early mornings, lying there wide awake and yet I stayed under the blankets because of selfishness.

18) And her lamp does not go out by night
And I know I've went to bed with things left all undone. Not because I was way too tired, but because I said my day should be done. If only I would of tidied up those last minute projects....The next day would of ran just a little more efficient instead of always running three steps behind.

27) And she does not eat the bread of idleness.
All too often I eat the bread of idleness because I don't feel like doing what needs to be done. How many times have I gone to reach for that snack to put off a chore that needed to be dealt with? And the weight that I carry because of it......Literally.

I've come to the conclusion that these passages in scripture.....they have true conviction for me. Not to make me feel like a failure......But to make me want to strive to do better! And each day that goes by I will be dissecting the passages of the proverbs 31 woman and writing the words on my heart. And as I carve out a place for them to be etched deep within I know it will breathe new life into our home.....My heart won't beat the same......I don't want it to......

Won't you join me in memorizing Proverbs 31? I know it's a lot but I believe that if we know it, truly know it. It will prove to be moving.....moving positively in the right direction towards peace and order. It will move us that much closer to being the women we are called to be.  And some day,

28) her children will rise up and call her blessed, her husband also and he praises her.

I will be taking a few verses at a time and writing them on an index card I'm going to put it near the kitchen sink while I'm doing dishes or on the table while I'm folding clothes. I will recite them over and over until I have them in my heart and then move onto the next set of verses. I don't want to just memorize them, I want to live and breathe them. I want to fully understand them until they become a part of me!

I want to be the woman my man can safely trust....With out a doubt in his mind I want him to know that he will always be able to trust me! Never harming him with evil thoughts or selfishness but, always in good deeds and kindness. I want him to know his worth and how much he is loved and appreciated!

I will let you know when I have memorized these three verses and will post the next few when I am ready!

His word is alive! let it speak in and through you.......Let Him move you in a way that only He can!