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Monday, May 14, 2012

I'll Still Be Here, Just Sporadically

When this life comes at you shockingly hard, the things that normally would matter get tossed and pushed aside....So I must let you know all the things I have been planning, well I need to put them aside....

Just until I get my thoughts straight......You see this past week has been extremely hard and I have one more hurdle that I've asked God to get me through. And until then I've sort of checked out...Like a birthing Mama that puts herself somewhere else when the labor pains strike hard.  And it's all about letting go and giving everything that cripples you to the only one who can bare this heavy load.

So to the side I set the meal planning, and just for a little while I've set aside Proverbs 31.......But you can be sure I'll be searching His word and grabbing other passages to keep my soul at peace.

And I have to tell you I'm not sure when the next post will be. I've never claimed to be a professional writer. I've often stated most times I'm grammatically incorrect......When I write, it's because it's on my heart and I want you all to know I never usually plan my posts.......God does. I always pray and let God speak to my heart and often when I read what was written I have to ask "Did I write that?" I'm not claiming to be a prophet.......I just know when your still and quiet He speaks in and through you.

So if you see a sporadic post........It really wasn't sporadic at all, just God's timing. This is where I come to be real....Where I share my heart. I want you all to know I break and hurt just like you.....I'm not perfect....I mess up more times than I care to admit....I'm sinned soaked, but I'm forgiven and He is Grace........

So I ask for your forgiveness for not being on schedule or planning things right down to the very last minute......Sometimes I believe I'm  not suppose to be perfectly organized.........It's my creative side of the brain that runs the show and I believe that's where God speaks to me the most.........

I'll be here....in and out. Typing my heart in the dark sporadically to you and I, but well planned out in God's eyes.

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  1. love this... Let go and Let him ;) I think us creative people have it easier than those organized, by the clock types... I love who you are and I enjoy those sporadic, heart felt, God lead blogs way more than meal plans anyway ;) Although I do enjoy meal plans... praying for your family sweet friend.