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Being Their Mama

I'll Just Dance In The Rain I've been in thankful praise, even through what they label as morning sickness, although mine comes mostly late afternoon and on into the night. For seven weeks I've kept quiet, waiting for just the right time. So excited inside and yet so cautious not wanting to get too emotionally attached to the idea. Because I know what it's like to get all wound up in the beauty of it all and then to have your bundle of hope swept away.  I'm very well aware that the Lord who gives is the very Lord who takes away. Never knowing why, just knowing He knows best and He loves me most!

Mama Be Careful Mama be careful what you say. Profanity and slander shouldn't come out of your mouth and doesn't belong in their hearts. Words cut deep and leave wounds festering. You say you don't mean it, your just venting. Hurtful words spoken whether they have merit or not, it's what they hear. It's what pierces their hearts. It's what they remember.......Always.

If It's Important to you Everything changes when you become a parent. Suddenly the blinders that were once bound to keep me from seeing have been ripped away. And I see now more than ever how important it is that I/we as parents are involved in every aspect of their lives.....The who, What, Where, When, Why and How. How important rules are in this family. How important that you as the parents are the decision makers, the protectors. How important it is to Love them so much it actually hurts!

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