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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lessons Learned

 If I could bring it all into perspective. Tell you what I've been learning.......Would it resonate with you? I know that my sin soaked soul all too often had to learn the hard way. I know that trials come and lessons are learned. I know that souls are molded when we experience life. I know that trials reveal the need for a Savior.

If I told you that most times it's better to be silent.....to wait and to observe before you explode into words. Would you listen?
If I told you that patience is definitely worth waiting for, Could you wait for it?  Could you wait for God to answer before you jumped on a decision? And yet what you experience in the waiting is the longing for God to do miracles.....And isn't that what God would love for us to do?  To long for Him. To want Him, To need Him....
If letting go were easy would we do it more often? Would we grow with out the growing pains?

Took my oldest son to the store to buy household things.....Needful things for first timers being out on their own. So surreal watching the 19 years flash before my eyes. Little boy in my arms melting my heart turned instantly into grown man still melting this Mama's heart. Little by little he's teaching me how to let go. How to hurry up and wait on all these years of milestones.

I believe the best way to learn the hard lessons of life is to learn them together. To live this life with each other, with people....Because can't we learn from each other?.......

Love, patience, Kindness, Communication, Letting Go, Giving, Receiving, Honesty, Loyalty, Forgiveness...

How do we learn all of that by being alone?  By excluding others and putting up walls?  How do we learn to keep close relationships with out having trials? Because they are gonna come. Like it or not this sin soaked world is gonna break some hearts intentionally and unintentionally. It's up to us on how we handle the brokenness.......

 I know why God gave me my man. Because He knew that I needed to learn to wait for patience. I needed to learn to keep quiet and listen and observe. I needed a lesson in humility and service. I needed a man that would keep me grounded when this life of mine takes flight.

I've seen my Sunshine girl go through a  trial that made her and her Best friend so much closer than they ever were before! Sometimes trials are necessary to grow.

Did you ever think about the people that come and go in your life. Did you ever look back at the lessons you were learning because of them. And did you know it's okay if they didn't stay....Sometimes they must go so that they can learn from someone else. Oh but the times that they end up staying through the thick and the thin of it? What a huge blessing to have those kind of people in your life! Because life is so much better when we come through hard times together, when we continue to learn together!

Now go live your life today and thank God for those special people that have taught you lessons and from the ones that you are continuing to learn from!