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Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Boy of Mine....This boy of Ours......

This boy of mine.....This boy of ours, the one who came with the morning light.....I honestly don't know if he understands. I really don't think any of them, the ones that call me Mama, will understand how deep her love runs for them. But then again we never really do understand how much one heart can hold until we let go and give life.
And what is it about this life that makes things stretch and grow until you feel you can't be stretched any more? I've said this before how I've grown up while raising our quiverful....Been learning right along side them. I've fallen more times than I can count and yet I still receive GRACE.
And I'm in awe of this young man and what makes him love Christ so much....What makes him lie awake, light on beside his bed reading his Bible.......What makes him so giving? What makes him work so hard? And then I see it as plain as day ......Christ gives the giving heart......makes the soul look forward and press on towards the goal. At such an early age he is where I should of been......18, Savior taking up occupancy in that heart of his. He has a plan, a goal in mind. knows what he wants.....And Daddy and I, we couldn't be more proud.
Sometimes we just have to let go.......most of us never grab hold of responsibility until it's given to us.....Then it's up to us what we do with it. It's up to us how we handle it......He always seemed to run with it. Understood it. He knew it was the key to un lock other doors....figured that out early.
No he's not perfect....He's a sinner saved by grace. And he's learning, and he'll go on growing and stretching till he thinks he can't be stretched anymore.
This Mama doesn't want to put him on a pedestal, but this Mama wants him to know how much he is loved....How proud I am of him.....How thankful God picked me to be his Mama....He could of chose any one else, but He chose me for the job...And although I have failed at times God was always there to pick me back up and help me press on....Because son, you were my goal, as are your siblings......You are what makes me move ahead. You are what I've always dreamed of doing with my life. I've always wanted to be a Mama. And because of God's grace and mercy he has given me that title......

And I will continue to give it my all with all that is in me.......Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU ALL ARE WORTH IT!

I want you to know I'm still gonna mess up. This sin soaked Mama may not always get it right, but I'm still learning, I'm still growing.....Being stretched right along with you. Cuz with God as our Pilot we are on this journey together......And I will NEVER stop being your Mama!

And I want you to know as I'm watching you drive away in the real version of the ones you always use to play with as a boy.....my heart melts....Cuz I can't believe how time waits for no one. Because it's never easy to let go no matter what mile marker you are at. And I will continue to pray for this boy who stole my heart like it's never been stolen before, 18 years ago......
And P.S......I want to thank you for letting me take your picture. I know it's not your thing.....But you did great! And this Mama's heart is so thankful!

I Love you!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fear and Worry: It will shut you in, tie you up and hold you hostage.

I don't know what's just around the next bend. I can't tell you what my tomorrow will be. I can't even tell you if I have tomorrow.

I can get all amped up about how this world seems to be chasing it's tail instead of chasing after a Sovereign God. I can be scared and worry about my children's future....Because to be honest, their future looks quite scary.

I can also tell you there is no such thing as a spirit of fear if Christ be near.....If Christ dwells, there is no fear.

I wanna tell you that what I know is, all that worry we put ourselves through, never brought salvation to no one......Never kept anyone safe. Never helped them out of trouble. Never kept the unforeseen hidden. Can I also tell you that a very wise woman once told me that 99% of the things she worried about NEVER CAME TRUE! And she lived to be 91!

It can cut you up and separate you out. Till all the pieces of your soul are dumped on the floor and your looking at an impossible mess.

Worry and fear can keep you from living life to the fullest extent. It can cause stress, sickness, heart problems (physically and spiritually). It can cause your mind to shut down and consume the largest part of your brain, your day, your life.....It will consume your soul. It will shut you in, tie you up and hold you hostage.

And when your mind is trapped in a prison of fear your heart can't feel. Your heart closes the door to all that God would have for you and you miss out on blessings.....Blessings that were meant for you to share. Because really what this life is all about is LOVE. LOVE is the glue to your broken soul. LOVE makes you whole.

Because He's the reason we're here. He's the GRACE GIVER, The PEACE LOVER, The SOUL CHANGER..........HE IS LOVE.

And Beloved if there is one thing I would want to leave you with tonight it would be this:

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:19