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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Missing Red Sock

I knew something was not quite right with my littlest man this morning. His face started out long and sad. His feelings were hurt but he would not say why. This boy of mine who keeps things inside for awhile until they come bursting forth. Just as if the hurt was so intense he couldn't hold it in, no matter how hard he tried.

And what brought this on? How did I find out what was bothering him? It was all because of the missing red sock. He came to me, tears streaming down his face....when I asked what was wrong, He said I lost my sock. We both knew it was more than the missing red sock.
So we searched together for the missing red sock and I searched his face for a smile. The sock was found, but his smile was still lost.
I had become too busy, too preoccupied. some one had taken his spot. This little boy of mine thought he was being replaced, and by a girl none the less. Tears flowing like a river as he is finally spilling his heart after 4 weeks of keeping it in. bottling it up. He thought he could handle it, I thought he was handling it. So I stopped paying attention. I stopped looking his way.
And now it's late at night and my tears are flowing like a river. My little baby boy, I told him he would always be my baby. Before she had even arrived, I made sure he knew he was not going to be replaced. I promised myself that I would pay attention, that I would not let him feel the way he his feeling. And some how it happened............ it had happened anyway.
Then God worked in ways that only He can, and gave us the time we needed.......The house was empty and baby sister was sleeping. Just him and I hugging on the couch and I take his little cheeks in my hands and begin to try and explain to him about a mother's love. How this Mama plays no favorites, that my love for him is so strong. But to be honest, It was the holding on to him and not wanting to let go hug that spoke so much louder than my words ever could. He started to melt, his little hand touching mine in forgiveness...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forgiven Much

I think back to where and when these feet of mine must of taken their first step. And I look to where they are standing now. What a journey!  There are times I wish they would of taken a different road. I often wonder if I would be standing here if they did. So much Grace and Mercy has been poured into my life.

These feet of mine have carried me through a wonderful childhood. Memories abound. This old barn beam may not look like much to you. To me it's a moment in time. A time when two little girls were running and laughing. Going in and out of Grandpa's barn that use to stand so proud. It's nothing but a memory now. A great wind blew her down. I have what is left. An old piece of wood and the memories that cling to it.

These almost 40 year old hands would help me climb up into the loft and day dream with my dear sister.....about made up stories and  songs that only her and I can still sing to this day. These hands of mine have held dollies and toy cars. They often were intertwined with big sister's hand. Their journey went on too. Sometimes it has been the wrong path. They needed a map, a guide.

They now wipe tears and noses. Cook meals and make blankets, they do laundry and hug children. They are often found caressing the cheek of my  husband. They have done much, not always right, but not always wrong. They are forgiven, along with the rest of my body and soul. They have been found and guided.
You see my feet and hands have learned much on their journey,and they have been forgiven much, So that they can teach these little hands how to love and pray on their journey.

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven- For she loved much. Luke7:47
Jesus said to the woman your faith has saved you; go in peace. Luke 7:50

I'm still learning on my journey, but now my Journey is with Christ. He leads the way.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ripple Affect, Make Some Waves!

Did you ever just touch the water with your finger tip? It makes an ever slight miniature wave. You barely have to get your finger wet to make the water move. I had my son put the tip of his finger in one side of the pool just to see what would happen.With just the tip of his finger a single ripple moved out towards the center of the pool. I had my doubts that it would ever make it to the other side, but it did. Then with enthusiasm we prolonged this little experiment to see what would happen if he put his whole finger in, and instantly not just one ripple but three moved to the other side of the pool. Before we ended our science experiment, we had to try his whole hand. When he put his whole hand in the water, the whole bottom of the pool became blurry with all of the movement of the water and there were too many ripples to count.
What if we dipped into church that way, so to speak. If we just put even the tips of our fingers in to help. The ripple affect would start. Now imagine putting your whole hand in, what if you were brave enough to take that leap of faith into unknown water. {outside of church} Knowing there may be jelly fish that could sting you, sharks that could devour you, and whales that could swallow you whole! I know, right now your thinking I'm being a little bit dramatic. Just put your sea caps on and get your sea legs ready and just go with me here.
Jonah jumped in. Not because he wanted to.  God told Jonah to go to Ninveh. Instead of listening to God Jonah ran, he didn't want to get his feet wet. All because of fear and unbelief that God's plan would work. so what does he do, he boards a ship. Not too bright for someone who was afraid to take that leap of faith. We all know what happens in the end. Jonah gets thrown over board and a big huge whale swallows him whole.
Now I've never been inside a whale before, but I can imagine the shear terror that Jonah was in. Once over the pure shock, what do you do inside a whale for three days? Besides the obvious, like thinking of a way out. Jonah was not only thinking of a way out, I bet he was thinking what a fool he was for not listening to God. He should of known God would have taken care of him. He should of put his trust in him. Easier said than done you say? At times I would agree with you, but sooner or later we all have to make the decision to take off the floaties or swimmies which ever you prefer and swim for Christ! Set sail with Captain Christ!
Why are we as believers in Christ so afraid to make waves? Why don't we rock the boat? Every one else does and it's not for Jesus. People are not afraid to make waves for issues such as gay rights, legalizing abortion, not supporting our troops. the list goes on. Why are we not passionate about our Jesus? Why are we not making waves? All it takes is a finger tip to start a ripple. What if we all jumped in at once? Imagine the waves! Forget waves, I'm talking Tsunami!!! Oh beloved all the great, wonderful things that God could accomplish through His little swimmers. Think of the waves washing over all of the lost, how they would wash them clean.
Did you ever notice how important water is to planet earth and all who inhabit her? Of course you have. Most of us have been in a situation where your not the least bit thirsty until someone tells you you can't have water. Suddenly you become so dry that your mouth feels like the Sahara Dessert. Nothing else will do not soda, not juice, not milk. Just WATER!!!
Do you think it's just a coincidence that we need water to live and that God uses baptism by water as a symbolism of new life. Jesus took a leap of faith! So we could rise up out of the water into new life and cause a ripple affect. So that you and I could be washed by His blood. Jesus caused some serious waves. Don't let those waves slowly fade away. Get your swimming trunks on take that leap of faith and go make some waves!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cotton Candy Clouds

At different times of the day, if you were here with me you would see me run outside with my camera just to catch a glimpse of what the Great Artist has painted for me. I love to take pictures of the sky.
Every day is a different tapestry loaded with beautiful colors and shapes. There is no other artist that can out do His creations.That can out paint His paintings. Every Picture is an original that someone along the way will soon try and copy or explain it's exsitance. Some even try to explain these creations away. Telling us there was no painter, no artist, no creator.
I believe it takes so much more faith to think that all of this did not have a creator.
Every day He paints me a picture. Some days have brilliant colors and other days just have various shades of grey. No matter what color my day is I am truly thankful that He has chosen to paint me another day.
On this paticular day He chose to paint me Cotton Candy Clouds.  Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flowers and Friends

I hear the wind outside talking to the trees, it seems to be blowing in Spring. The signs are every where. Flowers are opening and peering out from their sleepy slumber. The land scape is dotted with the colors that only the Creator can paint.
As a child I remember watching the tulips grow. And I swear if you stood there long enough you could actually see them bloom. Flowers are like the friends you pick, beautiful and unique in every way. Just as the Creator has dotted the landscape, so too has He dotted your life with the many colors of friends.
Each one has a different quality, They fill your heart with Joy, Laughter, Understanding, Forgiveness, And Love!
But that's only if you take care of them.......Remember them.......Take time for them.......And Cherish them.
I have been reminded this week that I have been neglecting my flowers....I mean my friends. Well both. Truth be told my patio looks like a grave yard for what was once beautiful flowers. I lost them, My flowers I mean.
My friends are still around, you see they have been waiting for me. That one phone call that says I care. A letter sent through the mail to give them a smile. Just like these flowers my Friends are Beautiful and I want them to know they are not forgotten.
I can always buy more flowers, but I would never beable to replace my friends. To all of you, my Beautiful Friends........I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Time Around

Precious moments wrapped up in love, I'm  wishing I could make this time around stand still.
This time around I want to remember every first like it was just yesterday. I want the memories to stand clear and vivid in my mind. Never having to second guess a moment. My heart is overwhelmed with Love again. How much Love can one heart hold? It is truly amazing that my heart could hold even more Love this time around.
This time around I want to cherish every smile, every tiny breath, and every squeeze from her tiny little hand.
You see, I know all too well, I've learned from experience these precious little gifts grow up way too quickly. and when your young and new at this time of raising kids you tend to over look the little things and never once do you think that this time could speed out of control and slip away. If your like me you lose your patience too quickly, and think about the lack of sleep too much. Instead of the tiny miracle that God has given you. This time around I'm not going to be consumed with me, but filled with Love, and patience.
So this time around I'm gonna slow down, stress less, and laugh more. I'm not going to worry about what needs to be done and enjoy watching her and them grow. I Love being a mom!