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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forgiven Much

I think back to where and when these feet of mine must of taken their first step. And I look to where they are standing now. What a journey!  There are times I wish they would of taken a different road. I often wonder if I would be standing here if they did. So much Grace and Mercy has been poured into my life.

These feet of mine have carried me through a wonderful childhood. Memories abound. This old barn beam may not look like much to you. To me it's a moment in time. A time when two little girls were running and laughing. Going in and out of Grandpa's barn that use to stand so proud. It's nothing but a memory now. A great wind blew her down. I have what is left. An old piece of wood and the memories that cling to it.

These almost 40 year old hands would help me climb up into the loft and day dream with my dear sister.....about made up stories and  songs that only her and I can still sing to this day. These hands of mine have held dollies and toy cars. They often were intertwined with big sister's hand. Their journey went on too. Sometimes it has been the wrong path. They needed a map, a guide.

They now wipe tears and noses. Cook meals and make blankets, they do laundry and hug children. They are often found caressing the cheek of my  husband. They have done much, not always right, but not always wrong. They are forgiven, along with the rest of my body and soul. They have been found and guided.
You see my feet and hands have learned much on their journey,and they have been forgiven much, So that they can teach these little hands how to love and pray on their journey.

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven- For she loved much. Luke7:47
Jesus said to the woman your faith has saved you; go in peace. Luke 7:50

I'm still learning on my journey, but now my Journey is with Christ. He leads the way.

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  1. I like this one. :) Don't know how I missed it.