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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Static Electricity

My little one has discovered by accident the joy of static electricity. She amused everyone with her wild hair.

This thing that was actually made for the water, was just as much fun out of the water. And she stumbled upon it with out even thinking. She took it out of it's natural existence and it did just as well or better than what it was made for.

I think we all have a tendancy to think that way, that we are only made to be good at one thing. So we don't venture out of our comfort zone, out of our realm. Wether it's because of fear or that we just never really try anything new.

Failure is not such a bad thing. Lots of times failure can lead to success. That famous old saying "Try Try Again!" Rings so true. We try and teach that to our children. Sometimes your just not going to get it right the first time or the second time. Failure just means that you need a Savior. And with Him you can accomplish what is Good, what is lovely in His eyes.

Don't be afraid to dance out of your realm, out of your little world. Amazing things can happen, you may discover another God given gift. Your not made for just one  area in life. Your a creature of God, You are made to do many great things. For we are made in His image. Don't limit yourself and cheat yourself out of the many wonderful experiences you were created for!

I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I might share in its blessings. 1 Corinthians 9:22-23

And like static electricity was stumbled upon by my little one, you too, might stumble upon a little static electricity of your own and find out there are other things you can do in Christ.

30.Stumbling upon static electricity by accident
31.Created in His image

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glory Holes Part 2

The emotional highs and lows of a hospital waiting room will take you for a ride if you let them.  I had to go and find a little spot.....to myself.  My mind would wander too much while I listened to everyone's heart being broken. I wanted to hug them all, but I didn't know any of them. I'm sure they would of thought it to be strange, or would they?

I had to stay focused on the positive...........

What I really wanted to do was follow that EXIT sign and pretend that him and I were never here. It was just a simple procedure. Why was I so uneasy?

And it was the volunteers in their Christmas green coats that made me smile. Bringing flowers to loved ones, from loved ones in a wheel chair. Taking time out of their day to make some one happy.

He has been here before......over 20 years ago now, he spent nearly 3 months in a hospital bed like this one. And the memories are still raw. My heart aches for him.

Then complications arise after sugery. It felt like my fears were coming true. So this is what it's like to have to lean hard on my Lord.

This is a first for me. I'm always depending on my man, and now my man has to depend on me. I'm scared I'm not going to be strong enough. Where will I pull my strength from? I don't want him to see me weak......I don't want my kids to know I'm really falling apart inside. It's so hard to keep it together. But I manage only through the grace of God.

As I was pulling into the hospital, Father God gave me the prettiest Glory holes I've ever seen.

And we are in recovery mode now. Not just him, but all of us. The emotions ran high. The hugs and kisses were always given freely, Now they are given more abundantly. We always talk about how fragile life is.  It's easy to talk about. It's not easy to feel the frailness of life.

And this is where I truly learn how to be thankful even for times like this. To look for the blessings even when you don't believe there could possibly be any good that could come from bad. When you think that you couldn't possibly feel any more love than you already do. Father God has a way of proving you wrong. Love grows like the flowers in the spring if you let it. If you allow it. Love conquers all things.

And even though this might not of been real serious, it surely could of. Things have a way of going bad quick. Remember to look for your God given Glory holes and pull your strength from Him. Ya know When I saw those Glory holes as I walked into that hospital I thought He was telling me that  I could take my man home right then. I never thought He was just reminding me of His strength and mercy, that He is always there for me......for you. Sometimes things just don't go as you might have planned them to. Just look for The Glory Holes and pull your strength from Him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glory Holes

Glory Holes, that's what we call them. When the rays of the sun shine through the holes in the clouds. I'm often out side this time of night with my camera to catch a glimpse of His Glory. I know that these pictures don't even come close to how magnificent He is.

But when my heart is troubled and worry creeps in I find comfort in the glory shining through these clouds. This is where I lift up my prayers and concerns.

And I'm worried.......just a little. It's nothing major. This is actually a good thing. But I am told any surgery is serious. And I love him, this man of mine. He is my everything, He is all I have ever wanted. In a friend, In a husband, a lover and a father. He does not like to be made of. All the attention drawn to him makes him uncomfortable, it always has.

And he needs to know that's how we care. That's how we show our love. That's how we deal with things that are major or minor in life. So I lift him up to you Father, this man of mine. The one who loves me through all of my craziness. The one who keeps me grounded when life takes flight.

As I see your Glory through these holes I am reminded how wonderful you are. And that we need you, him and I. We need your amazing peace to keep on shining through.

27.Glory Holes
28 My lover, My Best Friend
29.Peace that is given by none other than Father God.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Safe, Saving Place

Some times my words flow like a river, And other times there is not a thing to be written. This is where I share what's on my mind.
A retreat away from the chaos of the day. Where I can remember what this life is all about. Sometimes what I write is......Well it's just me being honest. It's a way for me to open up and show what's truly on my heart.
And this is how I grow in Christ, to share my life with you, to let you know I'm not perfect. I'm just a Mama like you. A Mama who still makes mistakes. A Mama who is still learning and growing.
Sometimes the raw nakedness of it all is the only way I can be set free from the wrong that I've done. It's a way of asking for forgiveness. He knows we are going to mess up once in a while.
It's our nature to be imperfect.......It's His nature to be perfect and He is that safe, saving place that you can turn to. Where you can show the rawness of your life. And He will forgive, because He is Grace and Mercy. I've been there, to that safe saving place. I go there every day.
Writing is not my profession. It's just something I've always enjoyed doing. I'm not here to boast or brag. It's just me, being real. I'm here, not just for me, but for you.  To let you know that it's ok that your life is not perfect,  That you can also go to that safe, saving place and ask for His Mercy and Grace.......He will be there waiting......... always.

And lo, I am with you always.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Words, Written or Spoken

Mother's Day morning and I'm nursing baby sister, middle sister comes in and tell's me what's on the breakfast menu. I smile, "a bagel will be fine." Big sister clattering out in the kitchen. Whispers are loud enough that I can still hear, but just the whispers and not the words.
And I read the printed words, but it's not the printed words that touch my heart.
It's the ones that are handwritten and ink smudged that make me melt into happy tears.

 And we all get ready for church. As I sit in Sunday School class, it is His Word that we hear. We are taught how our tongues can start forest fires if we are not careful.
 His Word and my children remind me that I need to be more careful with my words. That's what I still struggle with at times. My prayer is........ that my words grow like roses and not burn like fire. That my tongue will be used to bring peace, joy and happiness into the lives of others. To tell others of my love for them.
Words, written or spoken have power. They can tear down, And build up.  I choose to be a builder. And my tool of choice is His word. For His word replaces all of mine.

22. His Word
23. Red Roses
24. Sunday mornings
25. Sweet simple words
26. Hand written cards for Mama

Friday, May 7, 2010

To be put on picture paper again

It's funny how a black and white can bring out the beauty, but yet hide it at the same time. Life without color. Can you imagine?
This young woman got married early in her life. And started raising babies right away. By the time her womb had closed, she ended up with 7 little blessings. She led a simple life that really wasn't that easy. She did her best with what she was given, with what was handed down to her.

She raised them, the way she was raised. As poor as they were, they had eachother. And there was love.

 It's so sad to me because now they don't stand together in pictures any more. Anger and hurt stand between them now. No black and whites, No color. They lost one of their siblings three months ago, they all loved him, but it still didn't bring them together. Not even for my Grandmother's sake.
And the hurt runs deep. The scars are in color. Not even the black and white could hide them. And this is what my Grandmother is left with, black and white. They have stopped making memories together. The only color in their lives is what they do alone, apart from one another. The past is just the past. The  memeories aren't there to be put on picture paper. And yet they are content to live their lives this way. Building walls like forts around their hearts. My Grandma is the little bit of glue that holds the paper thin memories together.
My prayer is that they come together before it's to late. They already lost one. This could be my Grandmother's last Mother's Day. Oh How it would make her smile, How it would make her heart sing to be put on picture paper, to be put in color with them again.

And May the Lord bless them and keep them. May He break down the walls that surround them and fill their hearts with love again.

19. My Grandmother
20. Picture paper memories
21. Hearts that can be mended

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm her Mama's girl

Growing up, I was never far from her side. When ever the family would go any where, you would find me always holding her hand. I was called a Mama's girl. I remember the hurt of separation the day I went to kindergarten. Oh how I begged her to let me stay home with her.
Then time prodded on, caps and gowns came flying in. She was still there wanting to hold my hand, but I was willing to let go.
I always dreamed of wearing her Wedding gown. It was bitter sweet, the tiny hands that used to get swallowed up in hers, were now big enough to be on their own.

Now everything I know I've learned from watching her. You know, I look at my hands now and they look strangely familliar, they look like someone's hands, from long ago.
Those soft hands that used to hold mine. The ones that used to catch my tears. The ones that would still be clapping in the audience when everyone else had stopped. I remember those hands, every soft crease. The thick gold band that adornes her left hand to this day.
And her hands are still holding, swallowing tiny hands when ever they can. You see the miles separate us now, but our hearts are still one. The phone calls are often, when I get a chance. My babies keep me busy.
And it's my babies that keep me in thought of her. The years that I hold dear are wrapped up in ribbons floating around my memory. I untie them all the time and I smile because she is my Mama and I'm her Mama's girl. 

Thank you Mama, for the memories, for lessons learned, for teaching me how to be a good Mama.  And Most of all I thank My God evey time I think of you.

Happy Mother's Day! From your Mama's girl!