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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glory Holes

Glory Holes, that's what we call them. When the rays of the sun shine through the holes in the clouds. I'm often out side this time of night with my camera to catch a glimpse of His Glory. I know that these pictures don't even come close to how magnificent He is.

But when my heart is troubled and worry creeps in I find comfort in the glory shining through these clouds. This is where I lift up my prayers and concerns.

And I'm worried.......just a little. It's nothing major. This is actually a good thing. But I am told any surgery is serious. And I love him, this man of mine. He is my everything, He is all I have ever wanted. In a friend, In a husband, a lover and a father. He does not like to be made of. All the attention drawn to him makes him uncomfortable, it always has.

And he needs to know that's how we care. That's how we show our love. That's how we deal with things that are major or minor in life. So I lift him up to you Father, this man of mine. The one who loves me through all of my craziness. The one who keeps me grounded when life takes flight.

As I see your Glory through these holes I am reminded how wonderful you are. And that we need you, him and I. We need your amazing peace to keep on shining through.

27.Glory Holes
28 My lover, My Best Friend
29.Peace that is given by none other than Father God.

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