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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mama If I could Share With You

Mama if I could share with you......If I could tell you that your worth is so much more than you know. If you only knew how important you are...If you knew that you were hand picked by God for those babies down the hall, would your perception of this life be rearranged? If you could only see the value in being the one they get to call Mama.

The world will never satisfy...Never beable to fill you up. Never make you feel valued for who you are. Because the world's vision of self worth is slow self destruction. Do and be, lose this, gain that...Until you've lost sight of what God has instore for your precious soul.

There is no perfect potion, no magic number. No amount of status quo can fill what has left a hole. You will never be good enough for the world.......But you are always priceless in God's eyes. Precious just the way you are. Perfect for the man He chose for you. No other Mama could fill your shoes....no other Mama could love those babies like you.......

 For her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also and he praises her. Such a priceless gift to be given. He believes you are worthy. Sanctified...Set Apart......Someone with value....You are His!

So when the past creeps in and the voices get loud, tell you "Your no good".  Remind you of who you were and what you did...Know, you are never with out hope. You are God's child. Your past does not define your present! Your past is there to strengthen your NOW. Reminds you of how far He's brought you....Reminds you of how much you needed a Savior.

The world will fail you. Leave you empty and  tired of trying to be something you were never meant to be. You were meant to be His....Child of God....Precious one, let Him show you your worth. His sacrifice ran blood red and scarred deep.......You. Are. Worthy. Because of His Sacrifice.

Friday, September 4, 2015

In Our Litttle Corner of the World

In my little corner I choose hope......I choose to love even when it seems impossible to love. And when my heart breaks from all the darkness in this world I choose to be a light. That light in which He tells us cannot be hidden. The light that out shines and makes the dark one flee. I choose to be a voice for life and not death. Death has no sting on my saved soul.

I choose to speak truth even when truth no longer makes sense to most. For the message of the wooden cross is foolishness to those with out hope......But to us who are being saved it is the power of Adonai, Our God. And He reigns like a Lion in this heart of mine.

In my little corner I will be that friend you can trust...I will be that friend who has your back even when we don't agree, I will still be your friend. Because I believe there is way too much division in this world and we have lost what has made us one.......I don't care what color you are.....I don't care what you believe to be true......The only way we can get past our past is to look ahead. We are all created by One Creator. Uniquely different, but yet the same. Just as I respect you, can you respect me? I'm not here to force my beliefs upon you....I'm called to share the truth unapologetically......unashamed and with LOVE. That's it, no ties... No strings attatched. You may move on and I will not follow. It's okay.....You are free to choose.

Beloved you have to see that this place is no longer safe.....She is no longer freedom.....She no longer stands strong and defends the weak. But you and I? We can....In our little corner of the world we can stand for Hope. Stand in the gap and help the weak. Speak out for the innocent and breathe LIFE. WE can unite and be LOVE even when we disagree...We can still agree on LOVE. The Great Commission....Surely will not be easy. But it is my/our purpose. That is truly why we are here. It's not about our wardrobe or body. It's not about the nit picky things through out our day. It's so much bigger than you and I, but when we unite just think of the possibilities! It all starts in your corner of the world. Don't give up....Don't call it quits.....Stop saying it's the end. Its not over till it's over! And we know who wins.......There are aching souls out there that still need hope. The time is now!