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Sunday, March 16, 2014

It Was Just Another Day

It was just another day, another ordinary trip into town. He was picking up some hay, had it loaded down heavy on the bed of his old dodge truck.

He's just another young man learning how to live. Going through life with God on his side. He's not one to be made of. He probably won't really like the idea of me writing about him.......But his mama is proud and I need to share. You see he just does what comes naturally. Thinks it's no big deal.....He thinks every one should feel that way......

She broke down not even a mile out of town. Sitting on the side of the road with her hood up. My son drives by takes notice and pulls over. Offers his help. He gets under the hood and diagnoses her problem. Runs to the part store to pick up a new hose. The guy at the parts store asks "What it's for?"....My son proceeds to tell them it's for this little old lady broke down on the side of the road......The guy at the parts store just gave him the part and said "go ahead just take it." You see a generous heart usually is extremely contagious. Kind of makes people fall into giving like dominoes falling from that first slight nudge.

He gets back to the little old lady, fixes her car, she offers to pay and he refuses any money. The only thing he requested is that she come visit our church. "No ma'am I don't want your money. My name is Hunter and I go to church at FBCU, you should come visit us sometime."

He comes home, goes about his day......Comes in for supper. We all sit down and out of the blue he says, "Well I helped this little old lady broke down on the side of the road today. Went and got her a part and fixed her car." Dad and I smiled told him how nice that was and then we all just kind of moved on.

Next day I get this message from a friend at church asking if it was my son that helped this little lady yesterday...To make a long story short it led me to get in contact with her daughter who lives out of state and was so thankful our son was there at just the right time.

She told me that all they had  to go on was this young man who looked to be about 18, his name was Hunter and he drove an old white Dodge with hay loaded down in the back. And that he went to First Baptist Church Umatilla. She said her mama needed to know who it was so she could thank him.....So that she could thank someone.

I told my son that he had become famous. Showed him the FB posts....He really couldn't understand the big deal. "She needed help and I helped her. That's all it was."

I understand his plight because after a while it got me to thinking that it really shouldn't be a big deal.....We should all be pulling over, taking time out of our busy schedule and asking if someone needs our help. It should be the norm. It should be what comes naturally. It should be that way all over.

I must tell you my boy is humble.....He's not one to take on attention. He doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. I also must tell you that I could learn a thing or two from our first born son. Can I also share that this simple act of kindness....It was his decision. Yes his father and I raised him, BUT GOD is the one who gets all the GLORY. He simply chose to obey his Father in heaven.....We simply have tried to steer him in the right direction.

So I thank God for my son and the life lessons. I thank God for His faithfulness. We are truly blessed especially when we are faithful to be obedient.