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Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Battles Are Won

Wake up, stumble to the bathroom. In the dark I get dressed and with a dim light I brush my teeth. He's still sleeping. So many times it has always been him to wake before me. So many times he's left me sleeping. I quietly put on my boots and walk out the door.  It's that grey space before the light hits the dawn, makes you feel like your the only one.

And this world she keeps spinning and we all just keep doing.......Doing what needs to be done, doing right and trying so hard to keep out the wrong....But this world keeps spitting out the mud as we watch it splatter. Messes up all our plans and breaks all our hearts. Knocks the wind right out of us. It's hard to catch your breath when your drowning in the depths of someone else's choices.....someone else's greed......someone else's plans. And we are living in the days where right is wrong and wrong is right. I try holding on to only lose my grip of all that I can't grasp, all that I can't understand.

When a monument of the Ten commandments about living life right is voted to be tore down because apparently living a good life is offensive then I have to ask why? When baby parts are being sold for the almighty dollar, when human life just don't seem to matter, then my heart just can't bare the crushing weight of insanity, insensativity.......In this world we have lost compassion and traded it for hatred and greed and self fullfillment....In this crazy world we have lost our minds. Lost our courage our rights, our freedom all because of ignorance and silence.

I come back from the barn....some days I wish it could always be as peaceful and sweet as just doing my morning chores. That all will be right with this ever spinning ball placed so eloquently in space. Not too close to the sun and not too far away......But just right.....And as she spins she's kissed by the warmth of rays.

But we are fighting a battle and battles can't be fought with warm fuzzy mornings and quiet sips of coffee. Battles are fought with words of courage. Battles are fought standing our ground and speaking out. Battles are won with prayer and faith. Battles are won with kindness and love, respect and wisdom. We are called to live this life in such a way that the rays of the Son are kissing those around us.

And we are to remember this is not our home. This is not where it ends. So many need to know the Hope we keep inside. So many need to have the peace that only the Author of the Ten Commandments can bring. Because He rights every wrong. Pulls Good from the doom. Has a plan in motion. We are the generation that is watching the Bible play out in real live time. He said this was going to happen.

Take heart, He has overcome this spinning, mud flinging world. Buckle up we are going for a ride! Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Courageous....Be Love....Be Hope....Be Peace.....Be in Prayer.  BE HIS

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When We Choose To Go Slow

In the slow of the day there is life ....are you willing to live it in a way that they will remember it was worth living.
I spend every day with them, but I often have to ask myself, Am I spending time with them? You can be in the same room in the same space and yet still be so far away.
And I hear you when you say "I'm just so tired."  Your tired of being the referee, tired of being the maid, tired of waiting on instead of being waited on. Oh my beloved, I get in thoose places that seem to want to hold you down and keep you captive.....But you have the key....You've always had the key.  He says "Come find rest in me."  Get filled up and then go spend some quality time with them....Go for a walk, bake some cookies, draw a picture....Involve them in your day. If they are little, chances are they are willing to please you.....Let them please you, even if it takes sorting those socks a whole lot longer...You will remember the sound of their sweet, sweet voice as they try to carry on a worthy conversation.....It's worth remembering.

I believe your gonna have those crazy days when nothing goes right......But always remember....I have to always remember,  I don't have to stay there in that moment. I have the key to unlock the door.......I have the freedom to choose how I behave. And they are watching my every move.

I can freely move beyond that moment and make a new one.......That's Powerful. When you have the option, Choose to go slow.........It Matters!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

She Stops Me In My Busy Tracks..

Flower girl stops me in my busy tracks to show me life. Slow moving life.
She reminds me to slow down often. Stops me in my busy tracks. Tells me I'm going too fast. So much we miss when we speed through life. So many little moments worth slowing down for. So many times I've missed the moment to catch a snail, a smile, a tear, a hug, a thought, a touch. All because of my need to get things done. I'm running around like I have a time clock tick, tick, ticking in my head.......And I do, but I'm afraid I all too often listen to the wrong clock. And her time for being small is tick, tick, ticking away......
It's funny to me how many things they will notice in a walk or a moment when they are willing to take the time. Funny how us Mamas could be doing the very same things if we just choose to slow down those busy tracks once in a while.
This sweet girl usually brings me beautiful flowers, but on that particular day she brought me so much more. She brought me to my knees so that I could get closer to what she was seeing, closer to what she thought was worth slowing down for......She brought me closer to her moments.

Every moment is valuable. Every moment can be teachable. Every moment should be considered before speeding through, leaving nothing but our busy tracks.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Won't You Rejoin Me?

Have you ever had that moment when God told you to be silent?  And you knew in your heart of hearts your words had lost their meaning because you had lost your perspective......Because literally, your well had run dry....

That has been me.....I've always loved to write. Love even more to put pen to paper than to tap these letters on this keyboard. But God has with out a doubt told me "To be still and know that He is God" for quite a while. And don't think I haven't tried many, many times to sit here and tap out my soul, because I have, but nothing would come......

You see He teaches me life's lessons when I'm most willing to be quiet and listen. I can't speak of things not lived and learned. I can't give you a word of comfort if I'm not willing to be comforted. And shame on me if I've ever acted in such an arrogant way that I sounded as if I knew best or I had more wisdom than was given! I believe we all want to be loved and accepted, but until we learn to be honest about who we really need love and acceptance from then we will always feel empty and our well  dry........

Sometimes.....Most times, wisdom comes in being silent.....being still.....knowing when to speak and when to stop speaking. Knowing when to type and when to stop typing.

I've missed being here so much. I'm not sure what He has instore but I know I'm not sharing unless it's what He wants me to share.

I must be honest, with all of this time off, I've had so many words swirling around inside my head. They all seemed liked a jumbled up mess, but lately they've been taking on structure and form. coming into sentences and complete thoughts. And I couldn't be more thrilled! If you love to write then you know what I mean.....Oh I'm just an amateur....I'm more grammatically incorrect than I am correct.....So please bare with my imperfections. I'm hoping these words typed out will have meaning, order and subtance. Something you and I can nibble on from time to time. I've told you before I type a lot of my words out of my own feelings of conviction. I don't poke fingers towards others and then write about it. I share my heart.......Words can either be healing or hurtful...I choose healing. Won't you rejoin me on my journey with Our one True King? I'm so happy to be back!