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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When We Choose To Go Slow

In the slow of the day there is life ....are you willing to live it in a way that they will remember it was worth living.
I spend every day with them, but I often have to ask myself, Am I spending time with them? You can be in the same room in the same space and yet still be so far away.
And I hear you when you say "I'm just so tired."  Your tired of being the referee, tired of being the maid, tired of waiting on instead of being waited on. Oh my beloved, I get in thoose places that seem to want to hold you down and keep you captive.....But you have the key....You've always had the key.  He says "Come find rest in me."  Get filled up and then go spend some quality time with them....Go for a walk, bake some cookies, draw a picture....Involve them in your day. If they are little, chances are they are willing to please you.....Let them please you, even if it takes sorting those socks a whole lot longer...You will remember the sound of their sweet, sweet voice as they try to carry on a worthy conversation.....It's worth remembering.

I believe your gonna have those crazy days when nothing goes right......But always remember....I have to always remember,  I don't have to stay there in that moment. I have the key to unlock the door.......I have the freedom to choose how I behave. And they are watching my every move.

I can freely move beyond that moment and make a new one.......That's Powerful. When you have the option, Choose to go slow.........It Matters!

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