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Saturday, July 25, 2015

She Stops Me In My Busy Tracks..

Flower girl stops me in my busy tracks to show me life. Slow moving life.
She reminds me to slow down often. Stops me in my busy tracks. Tells me I'm going too fast. So much we miss when we speed through life. So many little moments worth slowing down for. So many times I've missed the moment to catch a snail, a smile, a tear, a hug, a thought, a touch. All because of my need to get things done. I'm running around like I have a time clock tick, tick, ticking in my head.......And I do, but I'm afraid I all too often listen to the wrong clock. And her time for being small is tick, tick, ticking away......
It's funny to me how many things they will notice in a walk or a moment when they are willing to take the time. Funny how us Mamas could be doing the very same things if we just choose to slow down those busy tracks once in a while.
This sweet girl usually brings me beautiful flowers, but on that particular day she brought me so much more. She brought me to my knees so that I could get closer to what she was seeing, closer to what she thought was worth slowing down for......She brought me closer to her moments.

Every moment is valuable. Every moment can be teachable. Every moment should be considered before speeding through, leaving nothing but our busy tracks.

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