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Monday, May 10, 2010

Words, Written or Spoken

Mother's Day morning and I'm nursing baby sister, middle sister comes in and tell's me what's on the breakfast menu. I smile, "a bagel will be fine." Big sister clattering out in the kitchen. Whispers are loud enough that I can still hear, but just the whispers and not the words.
And I read the printed words, but it's not the printed words that touch my heart.
It's the ones that are handwritten and ink smudged that make me melt into happy tears.

 And we all get ready for church. As I sit in Sunday School class, it is His Word that we hear. We are taught how our tongues can start forest fires if we are not careful.
 His Word and my children remind me that I need to be more careful with my words. That's what I still struggle with at times. My prayer is........ that my words grow like roses and not burn like fire. That my tongue will be used to bring peace, joy and happiness into the lives of others. To tell others of my love for them.
Words, written or spoken have power. They can tear down, And build up.  I choose to be a builder. And my tool of choice is His word. For His word replaces all of mine.

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