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Friday, May 7, 2010

To be put on picture paper again

It's funny how a black and white can bring out the beauty, but yet hide it at the same time. Life without color. Can you imagine?
This young woman got married early in her life. And started raising babies right away. By the time her womb had closed, she ended up with 7 little blessings. She led a simple life that really wasn't that easy. She did her best with what she was given, with what was handed down to her.

She raised them, the way she was raised. As poor as they were, they had eachother. And there was love.

 It's so sad to me because now they don't stand together in pictures any more. Anger and hurt stand between them now. No black and whites, No color. They lost one of their siblings three months ago, they all loved him, but it still didn't bring them together. Not even for my Grandmother's sake.
And the hurt runs deep. The scars are in color. Not even the black and white could hide them. And this is what my Grandmother is left with, black and white. They have stopped making memories together. The only color in their lives is what they do alone, apart from one another. The past is just the past. The  memeories aren't there to be put on picture paper. And yet they are content to live their lives this way. Building walls like forts around their hearts. My Grandma is the little bit of glue that holds the paper thin memories together.
My prayer is that they come together before it's to late. They already lost one. This could be my Grandmother's last Mother's Day. Oh How it would make her smile, How it would make her heart sing to be put on picture paper, to be put in color with them again.

And May the Lord bless them and keep them. May He break down the walls that surround them and fill their hearts with love again.

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