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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm her Mama's girl

Growing up, I was never far from her side. When ever the family would go any where, you would find me always holding her hand. I was called a Mama's girl. I remember the hurt of separation the day I went to kindergarten. Oh how I begged her to let me stay home with her.
Then time prodded on, caps and gowns came flying in. She was still there wanting to hold my hand, but I was willing to let go.
I always dreamed of wearing her Wedding gown. It was bitter sweet, the tiny hands that used to get swallowed up in hers, were now big enough to be on their own.

Now everything I know I've learned from watching her. You know, I look at my hands now and they look strangely familliar, they look like someone's hands, from long ago.
Those soft hands that used to hold mine. The ones that used to catch my tears. The ones that would still be clapping in the audience when everyone else had stopped. I remember those hands, every soft crease. The thick gold band that adornes her left hand to this day.
And her hands are still holding, swallowing tiny hands when ever they can. You see the miles separate us now, but our hearts are still one. The phone calls are often, when I get a chance. My babies keep me busy.
And it's my babies that keep me in thought of her. The years that I hold dear are wrapped up in ribbons floating around my memory. I untie them all the time and I smile because she is my Mama and I'm her Mama's girl. 

Thank you Mama, for the memories, for lessons learned, for teaching me how to be a good Mama.  And Most of all I thank My God evey time I think of you.

Happy Mother's Day! From your Mama's girl!

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