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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flowers and Friends

I hear the wind outside talking to the trees, it seems to be blowing in Spring. The signs are every where. Flowers are opening and peering out from their sleepy slumber. The land scape is dotted with the colors that only the Creator can paint.
As a child I remember watching the tulips grow. And I swear if you stood there long enough you could actually see them bloom. Flowers are like the friends you pick, beautiful and unique in every way. Just as the Creator has dotted the landscape, so too has He dotted your life with the many colors of friends.
Each one has a different quality, They fill your heart with Joy, Laughter, Understanding, Forgiveness, And Love!
But that's only if you take care of them.......Remember them.......Take time for them.......And Cherish them.
I have been reminded this week that I have been neglecting my flowers....I mean my friends. Well both. Truth be told my patio looks like a grave yard for what was once beautiful flowers. I lost them, My flowers I mean.
My friends are still around, you see they have been waiting for me. That one phone call that says I care. A letter sent through the mail to give them a smile. Just like these flowers my Friends are Beautiful and I want them to know they are not forgotten.
I can always buy more flowers, but I would never beable to replace my friends. To all of you, my Beautiful Friends........I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

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