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Friday, May 11, 2012

This Is Life, Precious Life!

If ever I were to feel my world stop spinning and the very moment I'm in freeze in time, it would of been yesterday.......I'm in the salon getting pampered, a long over do haircut and my phone rings.  I look to see who it is and big sister never usually calls in the middle of the afternoon. So I answer....

"Dad is okay." Are the first words I hear. "They no sooner got him in there and Ma said they were saying code 5 over the intercom. Kimmy, he coded on the table!" That was my first freeze frame, when my world came to a halt. And me not really sure that I heard her right, I asked her to say it again. And I'm not sure why I was so calm, I can only tell you it was through God's strength that I didn't cave.

And I hear it all the time that close calls like this, make you aware of how precious this life.......But I gotta tell ya I'm always aware of the reality of this life and how precious your moments are this side of heaven.....You can't live 41 years and not see how valuable your time is, because every year that goes by is faster than the last. I've had loved ones die that were very close to me and if you've ever loved, you know your bound to get hurt.

To be honest I would take the hurt any day over not ever having the chance to love and live this precious life. It's impossible for me to live this life in a numb state not feeling the emotional highs and lows of memories and moments all wrapped up in ribbons. They create who you are and with God's strength they mold you into love and helping others. If we were all here for the sole purpose of just ourselves than what's the purpose of living. This world is tough and hard and really who wants to go it alone? We are social beings created with a soul and made to have heart because He knew this life would have it's hurts....it's joys and the days when you have moments freeze in time.

This man helped create who I am today. Through all the trials and the hurts I caused while trying to grow up, he never gave up on me! Never quit because I hurt him too much. Never went numb on me.......That is precious! That's what life is all about...Never giving up on the ones we love. Learning and living and loving through trials and struggles together. With Christ as the Center holding us together......

The second phone call comes in and it's my Mama......"Kimmy it's worse than they had thought. He can't breath on his own right now." And the tears start to flow on both ends and I feel so helpless being so far away. And why do I feel i still have control over situations He's already got under control? I immediately tell Mama, stop and listen! I'm gonna pray for Daddy, with you right now, here in this parking lot. I grab the door handle of the truck and just hold on and I give God all I got. I come at Him hard, tears flowing like a river. And there at that moment is where I got my strength. That's where I felt my peace.

A couple hours go by and I'm sitting in the rocking chair my mind exhausted from the event of the day......And I felt a very strong comforting feeling and I swear I heard Him say "Kimmy it's gonna be okay, it's not his heart. he will be okay."

Our biggest fear was that he had a heart attack because he has a heart history. And then the next call came in a couple hours later. "The Test went fine, his heart is good!"

And I know your not suppose to fear and worry but, sometimes this sinned soaked Mama is weak. I know He is in control......Because I have felt His peace.

I have to tell you I heard the most amazing sound this morning over the phone! The rustic, burly voice of the man that I call my Daddy......And the tears began to flow not the ones from pain, not this time......but the ones that are caused by pure Joy!

And I wouldn't miss this ......The joys, the struggles, the hurts.........I wouldn't miss deeply loving all the people that I do just to keep the hurt away!

This is life.....Precious Life........

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