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Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Mama What Do You Want For Mother's Day?"

"If you could have anything you wanted for Mother's Day Mama, What would it be?"
My sweet baby girl......What I want doesn't come all wrapped up in a pretty box with a bright pink bow. It doesn't come from a store. You can't make, bake, or create what I'm about to share with you......
What I want is for you to see  that I'm trying real hard to be the Mama you, your brothers and sisters deserve to have. What I want is for you to know that I've messed up and I know I have given you days done all wrong.....And more than likely this sinned soaked Mama is gonna do it again. But I'm praying........
I want you to know I'm always praying for God to give me grace in this journey I'm sharing with you. and I want you to know that I pray for each and every one of you. I want God to give you all your heart's desires......I want His Love and protection to encompass your very souls..... What I want is for you to keep your JOY in every trial that comes your way. I want you to share Jesus with others. I want you to live this life knowing you've done all you could to further God's kingdom and to share His Love. I want you to work hard and give what you can. I want you to stay true and real. I want you to stand up for what's right......For what honors God.
I want you to know that in this life your gonna have struggles......But it's in God that you find your strength. I want you to continue to read your Bibles right on into your golden years. I want you to be happy....remember to stop, pause and pray and ask God to help you make the right decisions in this life, for what you choose matters in the next life. I want you to be responsible and own up to what is done wrong.

What I want is for you to know how deeply I love each and everyone of you! And although I have my days where they are turned inside out, remember I'm always trying to get it right because you deserve the best! I want you to know that I'll always have your back. You can always come to me with anything that troubles your heart and stirs up your mind. This Mama's heart is full because each of you have etched a place deep with in......And I can't imagine not ever having the chance of being your Mama....I can't imagine life without any of you.

What do I want?.........What more could I want?  I have God's greatest blessings sharing this life with me.....

John Hunter

Chyanne Kimberlyn

Summer Skye

John Kole

Autum Reign
Zoey Anne

I've got everything I could ever want right here!

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