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Monday, May 28, 2012

Menu Planning Monday: Week 2

So here I am slowly getting back on track. It feels good......To tackle those things that stare you down and make you feel uncomfortable until you deal with them. Procrastination and I, well we used to be the best of friends. And now I feel something coming between us. We no longer have that much in common any more. I find she weighs me down and drags me under til I can't barely breathe.

It's funny how I'm really starting to like Lil' Miss Organization. I never thought we could be friends but she seems to help me out of the messes I get myself into once in a while. And I like that. We all need a friend like that. Don't we? I see the beginning of a Beautiful friendship on the horizon. Oh it's not a perfect one....I'm sure I'll let procrastination come over to play sometimes. It's just not going to be like it was. *Smile*

With that said, here is my weekly menu. Hope you like it! It was Lil' Miss Organizations idea........

Supper: Crock Pot BBQ Chicken- Macaroni Salad & Corn on the Cob with Watermelon

Supper: Spaghetti with a toss Salad

Supper: Sloppy Joes with asparagus

Supper: Meatloaf, roasted potatoes & Corn on the cob

Supper: Chicken Wing Pizza, Toss Salad and a Pina Colada Smoothie

Supper: Chicken Wraps and Fruit Salad

Dinner: Roast with potatoes and carrots & Homemade Coconut Ice cream

As always, if you would like the recipe to any one of these just drop me a note and I'll be sure and get it to you!

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  1. That coconut ice cream sound interesting. :)