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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012-2013 History Curriculum For Grades 3,5 & 9

As promised a while back I told you I was going to share what we were using for next years History. I love American History! I love digging into the past and finding out how this Great country came to be. And I must tell you that the older I get and the more I teach my children, the more I realize how much we were not taught when I was in school. I have learned so much more now than I ever did back then! And I'm certain kids today are not being taught True American History!

I stumbled on to Queens a while back and I have fallen in love with their curriculum! It is a Christian based company. Their books are written from a christian perspective and they are absolutely wonderful!! They use the Charlotte Mason approach and I find myself very drawn to this approach verses the boring texts books I so often used to fall into and get trapped and burnt out trying to get through them. My middles will be doing Volume 1 "A Living History of Our World." While my 9th grader will be doing all three volumes in 1 year. I will also be adding more age appropriate literature and a heavier work load for her so that it will be age appropriate for her level.

They each get their own student journal to fill out as we go along. The books are written very well and stay true to our heritage.
I added some books for read alouds, arts,  crafts and DIY Projects for us to try! I have many books on my book shelves that are all about early American History. Great for all ages!

Over the years it's very easy to accumulate books and spend way too much money! I have learned that if I'm going to order books they must be worth keeping on the book shelf and can be passed down from one student to the next. Timeless classics, ones that you will always want to go back to again and again! Don't just purchase books to fill a shelf....Do your research and buy the ones you will cherish!
Then I stumbled onto this amazing web site!!! Hands and Hearts.
Everything is there to make all of those crafts listed on the box! I ordered the main kit and then an extra craft kit so both of my children can do their own project.

I am so excited to get started on this I believe we may even start early. Baby is do the first of October,  it would be smart on my part to get a jump start on this so we can get to the fun stuff!!


  1. We love Queens also. We started Language Lessons, Words of the Week, Cursive and Printing with Pictures last year and we love it. I have one doing Math Lessons for a Living Education and it is great also. We will be starting the History in the fall. Thanks for the post!