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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why We Homeschool

Eleven years ago I believe My man and I made  one of the best decisions that directly affected our children's lives in a very positive way. Our decision to Homeschool was one I never had to hem and haw over. I knew with out a doubt I/we would find a way to make it work! Beside the fact that I could not bare to be away from my children for that long. And to this day I still feel the same way! I love to have them here with me!

And through the years I have been asked a myriad of questions along with the intentional remarks from curious onlookers. I felt like we were under a microscope by family and friends alike waiting to see if we would succeed or ultimately fail. The decisions on curriculum would make my head spin and the fear of wondering if I were doing any of this right would be overwhelming at times. I've been on my knees in tears fearing that I've damaged their future. I've been through times where I thought my child would never read and be delighted when I had an early reader. I've discovered I have two that have to learn while they are moving and can focus better when there is some kind of noise in the background. My oldest needs complete quiet, while my Butterfly girl does well in either scenario.

I've had days where I thought they would never end and days when I felt like I was a super Mama! We've laughed at the days that got turned upside down and have quickly left them behind. And when I thought they weren't learning a thing and I was wasting my time, they would come around and show me I was wrong! what I used to stress over yesterday does not faze me today. I've learned the ultimate NO NO! Never compare your child with another, albeit your own or someone else's. I've learned it's okay if they learn at their own pace. It's actually better!

The reasons we Homeschool are many, but the the most important is the one that gives them a good solid foundation. Christ is  the center of how we live. The morals and values that they are being taught here at home are the ones I believe they will not be taught in a public school setting. I have seen the village and I do not want them raising my children! My children are not easily swayed by other children who have different objectives in life. I feel confident and secure in their decisions when they are out away from home. I have been told by many that they are the most well grounded, polite, respectful, socially delightful children they have met in a long time! I have been told that my children are some of the hardest workers (even surpassing some adults) that they have ever seen.

It may sound like I am bragging and maybe I am just a little bit. But I am most boastful in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! For they would not be who they are now if it weren't for Him!

 I am not saying that a public school child can not be the same well grounded homeschool child. And I agree that there are homeschooled children that do not have the same morals as we do. But we do not want to take the chance in them being surrounded by other children who may have a very negative impact on our kids. God gave them to me to care for, nurture and to teach and I take my job very seriously!

If you asked me right now, Have I ever regretted my decision to Homeschool? My answer would be with out a doubt ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I know that some of you who may be reading this will feel that I am attacking you for your decision to send your kids to public or private school. I want to make it clear that I am not judging anyone for their decision as a family. All I know is that this is what works for us. I've seen too many good things come from keeping my kids at home with me every day! The proof is in the pudding. 

I am thankful and truly blessed to be their Mama. I embrace this full time job that God has given me and I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. The kind of homeschool days you describe sound like so many I've experienced. And (although I've been at it a bit longer), I am thankful we chose homeschooling, too. It is a privilege and not something I believe everyone is called to do or should do--but I'm honored to be chosen.

    As for your children, a big part of the reason they are so special is because they have a mama whose life is a testimony of surrender and a daddy who loves God and his family in that order. Love you (and your blog background, too! Looks even more beautiful than the last time I visited!).

  2. Stopping by from Walking Redeemed. What an encouraging post! We will be starting the homeschool adventure this fall with my little girl, doing preschool. We plan to homeschool unless there is no other option. We have a lot of skeptical family, so it's nice to be able to come online and find support for our choice. We have no doubt that homeschooling is what is best for our kids, although I'm sure there will be many hard times ahead.

  3. First of all, you have a lovely set-up there!! But more importantly, you have embraced the tremendous call to disciple your children in a way that will reap eternal rewards if you are faithful! What a blessed gift! My homeschooling journey has been filled with questions and trial and error but I have never once regretted the decision! Thank you so much for linking up last week at Walking Redeemed!