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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Heart Of The Home

If you've been wondering if I've forgotten.......
Or that I might have given up........Well I have been busy but, not too busy that I can't make Him  a part of my day....That I can't ask Him to guide my day and pull me through.
So I've been thinking.....If I am to memorize these very words, the ones He breathed life into, I'm going to do this right. If I want to make it memorable and hide them in my heart, I'm going to post them in a prominent place. A place where I serve, a place where I have learned it's not just a chore but, a blessing. It's a blessing to serve and scrub the plates of the ones I love. And there are still days when my heart moans and whines about washing another plate or cooking another meal.....But it doesn't take me long to come back to His feet in thankful praise for the life He has given me.
So I hung them in a place where you will find me the most....above the dirty pots and pans. Among the flour sprinkled every where and the sauce cooking on the stove. In a place where most call it "The Heart Of The Home". It's where my heart serves the most.....Pouring Iced Tea for my man every night before he walks in the door. It's where I Provide food for my family and a portion for those in need...or just because I want to share.

It's where science experiments explode and school starts on the big round table. It's where guests come through our Open Door.

It's where I grab the band aid box to make boo boos go away. It's where I have long chats and answer questions that sometimes I just don't have the answers for. It's where we come as a family at the end of the day, sit down and break bread....Where we pray....laugh and talk about life.

It's where we hug and kiss and say good bye......

So I can't think of a better place to memorize scripture and feed my soul than "The Heart Of The Home"

While I was writing and laminating scripture....I was unaware of Butterfly girl watching, until she came in and asked me if she could do the same with some of her favorite verses.......Even when you don't think it matters...Even when the smallest of gestures pass quickly by...They notice, they study, they take everything in and they become little mirrored images of those who take care of them...... I find I often have to be aware of my blemishes. If they are not taken care of they get red and fester......What's in your mirror? ......

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