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Monday, June 4, 2012

To Meal Plan or NOT!

The spontaneously creative side of me has once again taken over....I have discovered that the meal planning is not working for me.

To be honest with you I may have stuck to the meal plan twice this past week with the exception of even changing a few sides....So I couldn't even say I stayed on the menu for those two meals. I hate to say that I'm quitting this part of my organizational plan......But, I'M QUITTING THIS PART OF MY ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN!

If there is one thing that I do enjoy most of the time it is being in the kitchen creating, making and baking. Oh I still have my days when the last thing I want to do is cook but, for the most part cooking is relaxing and fun for me!

Three things I've discovered while trying to meal plan:

1.)  It takes up too much time: I've found that I spent more time scouring through recipes and wondering which day would be best for that meal. Trying to schedule around certain activities turned out to be too much of a chore! I'm good at pulling something out of the fridge or freezer at the last minute and turning it into a masterpiece. My Mama was like that! She would come home from work not having anything planned for supper....Walk to the fridge and just start pulling things out with out thinking about it! And with in an hour she had this gorgeous meal sitting on the table! That's me! I can do that! I got that "gift" from her!!

2.) Sometimes.... I/we didn't feel like having a heavy meal: We were just happy having a salad. I found that it really stifled my spontaneous, free spirit......Which in turn was making me miserable. I believe we should follow rules....But making rules regarding what I should cook in my own kitchen on each night has been a complete failure!

3.) Somethings you just have to let go:  As much as I wanted this to work, I was miserable in trying to make it work....I actually hated it! My free spirit was being stifled and suffocated.......Well at least on the nights that I actually tried to stick to the menu.  *Smile*  (Little bit of rebellion creeping in I guess.)

So I sent the meal planning packing! And I am instead going back to pulling things out of the fridge/freezer and I am going to continue to be spontaneous and bake and create the way I use to! So sorry to have let you down.....But this girl has to follow her heart and her instinct when it comes to her kitchen!!!

What's on the menu tonight? I don't know...something to do with chicken.....I can let you know tomorrow what we have tonight.  Heeheee that feels good to say that!

I know you "OCD, Organizing, stick to the plan folks" will not understand......And to that I say... Take a deep breath, it will all be okay! My life will not fall apart because my meal planning did!

But to all of you "Free Spirit" friends of mine, I know you got my back and you completely understand my plight! Carry on and be Free!

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