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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Worth The Money Spent

Right out of the gate this school year there are two things that I really am glad I purchased and they are:

The Picture Smart Bible and A Living History of Our World

I wanted to share pictures with you this morning but blogger won't let me......I'll try and share them later.

The picture Smart Bible is what we do first thing in the morning for our Bible time. And that includes all my students! Don't be scared away by this program if you have high school students! It works for them as well. You don't have to struggle at trying to keep your younger ones attention and it's not too simple for the older ones. The program is even meant for adults!  While I read from the teachers guide I instruct my children what to doodle,  color and write. It helps them to retain what they are learning. Very impressed with this! Go to their website above and check it out!

The second is A living History. As soon as I saw this I knew I would love it! With out a doubt it is absolutely one of my very favorites! I added craft kits from Hands and hearts and they tie right in with what we are doing. The kids beg to do History! I wrote about this curriculum earlier when I had just purchased it you can read about it in the link above.

As a homeschooling mom I know that finding the right curriculum that fits for you and your family can be exhausting both mentally and monetarily. So when I find something I like this much I must share! *Smile*

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