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Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Don't Need

Discovering what I don't need lately is like recapturing all the lost in my life........All the things I put on the back burner, the things I save for later that never get touched.

What I don't need is extra time away from my family.....FB tends to do that if you let it......All the technical gadgets seem to steal you away from what you were given.... From the blessing you were meant to be.........From the blessings you need.

Because what you want can surely over power your needs. And you may be surprised when you discover "your needs" were really just wants.
And can't you just see life moving when you drop all that holds you captive? Aren't you more aware of the people in your life? The ones that really need you. The minutes can waste away and turn into hours and days....And before you realize it, years have passed.

I wanna look back and know that my every minute was worth living. There is no worth in waste.
I need to create a space....a life with less because in reality less is definitely more. When your life is cluttered with stuff you have to spend time taking care of that stuff and your mind it tends to wander away from this life your living now and all that it can hold. Clutter and technology turns your heart away from God, family and friends......Makes you untouchable. No longer a physical being who needs touch and fellowship, but a being who becomes self absorbed and lonely. Escaping all the blessings and forgetting how to be a blessing.

And as wonderful as FB is for keeping in touch it can quickly become your idol. Just as the nic nacs and stuff that take up your counter tops can keep you from thinking clearly and seeing the beauty in simplicity.  They say everything in moderation.

God says " Keep your mind on things above and not on earthly things." Colossians 3:2

My life has been a whirl wind of bustling activities and excitement for the arrival of our new baby. I've purposely cut my time back on the things that take me away from being a blessing so that I may see the blessings in front of me.

It's amazing how much more clearly I see...............

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