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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's In A Name?

As I anxiously await the birth of our 6th child I wanted to share with you the two names we have picked out. Why two? Well because we don't find out whether it's a boy or a girl until the sweet blessing is laid in my arms. We get so few genuine surprises these days why not grab them when you can.....I have to tell you for those that think they can wait, it is so worth it!! We have literally been genuinely surprised each and every time.

When our first baby arrived we did not have a name for him until three days after he was born. We always took great care and time in naming our children but, to be honest never really thought of names with meanings behind them until we named our fifth child.  Her first name is Autum not much meaning behind that but, her middle name is Reign. We could of spelled it R-a-i-n but both of us almost immediately agreed that it should be spelled R-e-i-g-n as in our Lord Reigns. Gotta love that!

My husband's name is John which means "God is gracious" and my name....Well Kim means grassy green meadow. Now I've often wondered how that name fits me and my personality......Other than the fact that I love being in and smelling the grassy green meadows up home! Especially after they have just been cut!

 One evening we were chatting with Johnny's cousin and she said she thought the meaning of my name fit me perfectly. I looked at her kind of puzzled and she said. "A meadow is all natural. It's from the earth." And if any of you know me I am an all natura'al  kind of girl! I try very hard to do things naturally from having my babies at home to the health and nutrition of my family. If there is an alternative way I will find it! And believe me I will do the research to make sure it's the best way!!

And now we are on to naming our sixth and probably our last child. I say probably..... because age is setting in and probably.... because sometimes God might have other plans......But for now we are content with the thought and reality of six.

We did not do much name bouncing around with this one. We already had a girls name picked out.

Zoey Anne for a girl. Zoey means "LIFE" and Anne means "He favors her."

For a boy we have chosen John Jesse. Now both of our boys are named after their Daddy but their middle names are what we go by. So it is only right that we continue this trend. As I said previously John means "God is Gracious" And Jesse means "The Lord exists".

Do I wish we would of named our first 4 this way? Well maybe a little bit but in reality I love the names we have for them as well. I think it's important to take your time in coming up with a name but it's not just the name that makes the child who he or she will become, it's two loving parents that will take the time to nurture and raise the child with God's love and guidance. The name is just the icing on the cake so to speak. It's the ingredients that's put into the cake that really matters!

As of this Saturday I will be 39 weeks. Yes I am anxious! Yes I am uncomfortable! Yes being pregnant is all I can think about! And yes even this I know with out a doubt has been orchestrated by God! His timing is PERFECT!

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