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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Pink Polka Dot Dress

Her favorite color is pink. She squeezed through the clothes racks, dress clinched tightly in her hand.  This Butterfly girl of mine all excited holding the dress up to her chin, smiling saying "Oh Mama isn't it beautiful?! It even has a pink sweater to match." I ask her how much? I look at the tag.....It's more than I would spend, but maybe it's on sale and if it is we may be able to get it, but don't get your hopes up. "Ok Mama, I wont!"
And as we walk through the store My three girls and I, I catch her eyeing that dress.....her hand caressing the smooth fabric, admiring the pink polka dots. I smile as I realized she had already become attached.

We head for the dressing room to try on our finds....Giddy as girls should be. One asking the other Does this look alright? And do you like how it looks on me? and we laugh when an outfit was just not meant to be. All the while Butterfly girl admiring her find. We get to the register, I ask the cashier if she could check the price. She comes back with a total.....I look down at my baby girl and tell her that it's just too much..... The cashier lays it aside. She looks down at the floor trying to hide her disappointment trying so hard to be a big girl, choking back the tears that were welling up in her hazel eyes.  She was never one to throw a fit when I told her no...So easy going and laid back. I look at the cashier and she too, could feel my butterfly girl's broken heart. I'll take the dress, I said.....I bend down, kiss the tear away from her eye. I'll let you have the dress.
The look on her face is one that I will carry with me all the rest of my days. So surprised that I changed my mind. I would of paid full price for that moment alone!

I tell the cashier I normally would stick to my guns and to be honest I don't ever think I paid that much for a little girls dress before. But somehow this time seemed different. This was one of those moments where you had to throw caution to the wind and just give in.......give into the moment.

Sometimes it's okay to do something out of the ordinary....Something you wouldn't normally do. something to make my Butterfly girl feel special.

On the drive home I hear a small voice from the back seat say "Mama, Thank you so very, very much.....I'm gonna feel like a princess tomorrow when we go to church!" I smile wide with a small tear in my eye. Because to me she was already a princess, even before the pink polka dot dress.......But I'm glad I could make this moment happen......for her, for me.......And you know what? I believe she will remember this moment forever! The moment when her Mama bought her the Pink Polka Dot Dress.

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