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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was always the one being mentored.....always the one asking when I would be the mentor. And I could hear Him softly tell me, no not yet, your not ready yet. The years went on and me always thinking I'm beyond the point I need to be, that I have arrived. But I was far from arriving.

And all the while through all the years of waiting and wanting to be the one to give the advise and walk the walk...He was sending me mentoring angels. One by one they would take their place in my heart.

J.J. He keeps me Grounded when life takes flight. He has captivated my heart, always will. My Thinking Mentor taught me to think for myself and not rely so much on others. Taught me to research what I do not know. To use my mind and not keep it idle. For when it sits idle nothing Good happens! And I love him with everything that's in me.......My STABLE, THINKING Mentor.

L.S. Oh how I love her! She has always been there. She is the one who led me to Christ 19 years ago. She helped me find LIFE.......My LIFE Mentor.

M.H. became my motivational partner, my JOY mentor. Always laughing, always smiling. So full of JOY. She was the one who taught me the Joy of being a Christian. And as I watched her laid back attitude always quick to quote scripture, she taught me this......That life will have it's up and it's downs but you will always have Him. And  because your His child your life will never be void of JOY. And I love her....... my JOY Mentor.

K.C. she became my Grace partner.....My mentor in GRACE. She taught me that no matter how messy I had made my life in the past, His GRACE covers it all. And I learned to forgive my mess...myself. I learned how powerful His grace can be. I learned we should all be REAL because that's when He starts working in our hearts. I learned that it's ok to have a messy past, your past is not who you are today. And I love her...... my GRACE Mentor.

M.P. & T.P. my prayer partners, my PRAYER mentors. In all my life I have never heard any one talk to Him, pray to Him that way....The way they do. And I'm mesmerized by their love for Him. Their relationship with Him. How they talk to Him  as if He were right there in the room, and I learned that He is in the room when you pray.... I learned how powerful prayer really is....Prayer is communicating intimately with the Grace Healer. Their best friend....Their Father. Beautiful words always gracing their lips.....Not made up, fake......Just real and heart felt. And I love them..... my PRAYING Mentors.

There are so many more that come to mind. So many Mentors that have shaped my life and touched my heart along the way. I pray that as this life of mine grows in wisdom that I can Mentor in the same way....To touch a life and grab a heart. To soothe a worried Mama's soul.  To cry with a dear sweet friend and have the right words to say and to be wise enough to know when words  are not needed. And to always remember I will never "arrive" this side of heaven......I'm just getting a little closer each and every day.

My prayer is for all of those beautiful people that have graced my life and have grown my heart....May you continue to bless those that are placed in your life at the perfect appointed time by our Father in Heaven, may you continue to make a difference in this crazy, messed up world. May you reach souls lost with out hope. May you continue to MENTOR.

And these two words seem so small compared to the impact you all have made in my life.....But Thank you....Thank you for being who God wants you to be...Thank you for being real.....Thank you for loving me enough to change my life for the better. And I love because He first loved me.........

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  1. You honor us with your kind words. But you know, of course, that you're our LOVE mentor. Because you love with an everlasting love that looks amazingly like your Father's!

    Hugs--and prayers--from two of the many who will rise up and call you blessed.