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Monday, August 22, 2011

It Matters to Them

When all hope seems lost.......When you struggle to make sense of the senseless.....That's when you dig deep and find your faith.
Through all the muck and the mire this world tries to bury you with.....dig deep and pull hard. It's there. It's what your made of. It's where you get your strength from. It's what gets you through this life.......It's what gives you LIFE.

And I have to believe that for every broken heart and every battle lost, there is one more heart mended and one more soul gained for the victory of this war. But the war still rages on........
 And I'll be that soldier in this battle on this side of heaven. I'll fight this war for her, for them.....Their future. For if it were just for me, it wouldn't matter. But their freedom matters to me....Their future matters to me.

And the crowd that showed up in His name at the board meeting tonight made a difference. We can still make a difference. And even though only a few spoke, the crowd that sat silent, spoke even greater volume!!!

 My man and I were driving home and I look at him and say...Tonight gave me a little hope. It sparked a little hope  that all is not lost. And that maybe we can fight just a little while longer, just so they can have the freedom to speak TRUTH. The freedom to WORSHIP. The freedom to PRAY. The freedom to read their BIBLE. The freedom to keep ONE NATION UNDER GOD........

He looks over at me and smiles that smile. The one that he always gives when there is nothing else to say. And the rest of the ride home was in silence...........

If you want to make a difference in your child's future, get involved. Stand up for TRUTH. Because it matters when you do. It Matters when WE do. It Matters To Them!

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