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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life And All That It Holds

My days have been full, but I am still here. Among the toys and clutter. Among the books and papers......I find life and all that it holds. Being consistent seems to make the hours catapult into the past. And me, I'm just trying to get it right. Trying to remember how to be their Mama through the screams and the shrills. Through the laughter and horse play, the nit picking and the teasing.......

What I find while trying to remember, are teachable  moments for them.........for me. Sunshine Girl asks me to help her with bible study and I am taught by her willingness to want to learn more about our Teacher. And I watch as Butterfly Girl has been consistently getting up to do her chores and be ready for school on time every morning with out one complaint......I watch little man as he prays for his brain to start working right. He doesn't want to get in trouble again. I watch Gentle Giant go quietly off into his room to study. Some how I missed it.....Some how over the summer while he was away......He grew up and turned into a man, or so it seems.

I'm still here in all of this.......The wonderful, busy, crazy, grace filled, teachable moments..........And I'm learning as we live life. I'm learning that all days will not run smoothly....but in all ways He is there in every moment. In every teachable moment and if I slow down, take a deep breath and swallow GRACE I will find LIFE and all that it holds............

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