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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Passion Gift

She comes to me with questions she's hoping I have answers for. And as the words leave her lips and fill my ears I am amazed she is only 13. "Mama I don't know why I am scared.......I just am. I'm scared for all of those that will never choose life. I'm scared for the ones that say they have and really never did. And how do you know if they really have?"
" I'm scared for the people who have no clue. The ones who don't know what's to come. I'm scared for their future."   This is my baby girl, the one that came the night the tornado's were all around. The one who is bold and beautiful in every way. The one that came into this world head held high looking all around. She is strong and wise beyond her years.

And this is one of the those moments where I need to dig deep and pull up faith. Oh child, this feeling you have, the one that causes you to fear, is the very fear that God has chosen to instill in you. If you could hear what I'm hearing right now. If you could feel the passion that's coming from your heart. You would know that what you have is a gift. This Passion Gift is the same gift that will help you reach those who are lost......The same ones that you fear for. This GOD GIVEN FEAR will build bridges and heal the broken. It will change lives and melt stone cold hearts. Be strong and grip this fear, hold tight to it. This fear is your faith and your faith is having growing pains. That's why this fear comes and goes.

And you said tonight that when you talk to God that you feel alone and oh how you wish he would just talk back to you. My sweet Sunshine He has been talking to you and you haven't even realized it. What He is placing in your heart right now is His voice and some day when He feels you to be strong enough He will set you off into this world to speak TRUTH to all those who will hear.......Keep growing, Keep Reaching, Keep Digging and hold tight to your FAITH. He is with you every step of the way!

You asked me "Is it normal to feel this way?"..........I guess I would have to say, if normal is having Christ move into your heart and you feel fear as He is moving some things around......then YES! It is SOOO normal!

I love you Sunshine Girl!


  1. I love her, too. And you are right. His sheep know His voice. And this little sheep will learn to know--because she already hears and listens with a heart of love.

  2. How wonderful! You're so right - that passion for righteousness and truth is a gift, and what an inspiring gift He has given your daughter.