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Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Accomplish While Rocking

A long time ago someone once asked me "Why do you rock your babies?"  "How can you get anything done?"

I looked around the house and it appeared that nothing had been accomplished. Nothing was put away. Dirty dishes in the sink. Dust bunnies in each corner. And I sigh.........

Will my house ever be neat and tidy? Will there ever be a place for everything and everything in it's place? At the time I really had no reply. I didn't know what to say.

But now years later I am still rocking..... my 5th blessing.  All the things I don't accomplish while rocking my babies......dirty dishes, mountains of laundry, chasing dust bunnies....That's not what I'll remember, that's not what I'll cherish. Those things will always be here. They will always need doing. My babies don't stay babies. One day they will fly away from this nest. I have a feeling I will be missing the toys on the floor.  And yes, I believe I will miss the noise and the crazy chaos that comes with it.

What I accomplished is holding, snuggling and bonding with each child. What I remember are the late nights and early mornings. What did I accomplish by rocking my babies? I accomplished a life time of memories. Oh they may not remember, but I tell them all the time how Mama rocked each and every one of them. Rocking their tears away, Rocking their fears away and Rocking them to sleep. No matter how tall they grow I want them to remember, that they were once small enough for me to hold, that they were safe in my arms. Even though there were chores too be done, they were more important than the fleeting dust bunnies and the dishes in the sink. I want them to know that Mama Loved them that much, that she put them first before the chores and the things that really did not matter.

They are not really mine. They are His. He is just letting me borrow them for what seems to be but a breath in this life............And I want to hold on to every moment, every precious little moment. So let the dust bunnies multiply and the laundry do what it does best {Mt. Never Rest}. I'm rocking my babies,  And I'm getting so much accomplished. All the things that really matter most that is.

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