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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rainbow Flyer

Oh to beable to see what he can see. There was not a cloud in the sky.

He is out with his flying contraption mostly on Saturdays. The brmmm of the engine always lures my kids out to see this strange flying machine, it brings us all out.

We have seen it before, many times and the rainbow flyer still lures us out. And yet man's creation isn't nearly as magnificent as the Creator of all things.

May the bees and the flowers cause you to question their exsistance. How one was made perfectly for the other. And as you see the brilliant blue sky, know that there is no other artist who can paint that way. No other artist can start with nothing and end up with a Masterpiece. His creations can sing, fly, chirp and jump. His firefly has it's own built in light bulb.  Do you know there are so many more creations that we haven't even discovered yet and may never discover in our lifetime?  May God's Creation lure you out and put you in awe and in wonder. Most of all may they cause you to question your exsistance.........For we are His most Beloved Creation of all.

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