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Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember Me with Smiles, Hugs and Sweet Kind Words

I watch her walk away from me.......It sure doesn't seem possible that she's grown. My sweet Summer Skye, where has the time gone?

As I hold baby sister I  hear the words...."Mama did you ever hold me that way?" "Mama did you ever talk to me that way?" And "Mama did you ever smile at me that way?" Her questions lead me to question.....When did I stop holding her, talking to her and smiling at her that causes her to not remember?

I swallow hard, tears well up in my eyes as I realize she needs more. More of my smiles, hugs and sweet kind words. She is walking away at a speed that I can't control. I've been told about how time flies and the before you blink moments......I'm living them now.

Before long she will be where I am....... I want her to remember me, remember that as I was holding her I was smiling and saying sweet, kind words. I want her to remember how much Mama adores her and no matter how old she gets she is never to old for holding, receiving big wide smiles and hearing sweet kind words from her Mama.

37. My Sweet Summer Skye
38. Smiles and Laughter
39. Summer nights
40. Sun Shine
41. Evening Walks
42. Golden sunlight streaming through her hair

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