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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mama's Crinolines

They are the best of friends, My daughter and Miss Emily. I love to watch them together, their crazy laughter and never ending energy. 11 and 12, they have known eachother since they were 2 and 3.

We don't live so close together, but Miss Emily's Mama and I try to get them together as much as possible. They have a sweet love for eachother, an unconditional love. They are not afraid to share feelings, to share when one has been hurt by the other. That's what makes their friendship so strong. It's the pure honesty of it all.

When I watch these two childhood friends, memories of two little girls from long ago come to mind. She use to live next door to me. We grew up together, and when we were little we did everything together. Dancing down the street with my Mama's square dance crenolines. Struck with deep giggles and silly laughter. Until Mama got home.

Our lives were very much different. Life for her wasn't easy. Life for me, well..... was much easier, but at the same time I needed her as much as she needed me.  My shell was soft and my feelings got hurt easily. Her shell was strong from years of having to be. She was always there for me and I for her. Her making me strong and me showing her the soft side of life.

And the miles are long. We don't see eachother very much any more, but we keep in touch always. God puts people in your path for a reason.......To make us stronger, or softer. For love and leaning on. For giggly laughter and crying shoulders......I found out a while ago that her and I became sisters, after all these years of playing the role. We are sisters in Him, in Christ. And I couldn't be happier. Can't you just see us dancing down the streets of gold in my Mama's crenolines.

43. Child hood friends
44. Deep Giggly laughter
45. Fluffy Square dance Crenolines

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