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Friday, April 9, 2010

Louder than the buzzing of a thousand bees.

Blossoms are in abundance this year. We have been here over 15 years now, and this the first year I've seen this row of trees come in full bloom.

Along with the blooms comes the buzzing of a thousands bees. They were loud enough that their buzz brought us outside. We broke away from the books to take a look. My boys are watching the bees and I am watching my boys. The little one is his shadow. My gentle giant, that's what I call him. He has passed me in height now.
I miss him already. He hasn't gone any where, but someday he will. This little man of mine with his big blue eyes and his soft blond curls, that use to sit in my lap and snuggle with me. Sometimes it seemed like we would stay in the rocking chair all day. He has always been gentle, quiet and sweet. His sister would disagree with me.

 He loves his Mama. I don't believe he has ever raised his voice to me but, I have to him........that hurts to think about.The bees were loud, but my voice has been louder than the buzzing of a thousand bees. I hope that when he leaves home some day that he won't remember me raising my voice too much. That is something I am still working on, And with God I am doing better. I just hope I was not too late. They always say better late than never........But I know that's not always true.
 They also say you are much harder on your first child. I wonder if he even realizes how much I love him, or how much he has taught me over the years. My Sweet Gentle Giant if I could go back in time and erase all of the mistakes I've made while learning how to be a good mommy, I truly would.

I cherish you!

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