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Monday, April 5, 2010

What will your ending be?

Every life has a beginning. We don't get to choose our beginning but, we get to choose our ending.
Their eyes meet for the first time. This is her beginning. This truck driver Daddy of mine drove 1200 hundred miles to make his appointment. And our home is a rest area, a much needed stop along the way. Not only for him but for me, for us.
I've gazed into this mans eyes all my life. I've seen the way they twinkled when he was proud of me, I've seen the pain that I all too often put there. I've seen the laughter, but most of all when I look into his eyes I see a Father's love.
He had a close call. It took us by surprise. What we thought was going to be routine became urgent and serious. This man has helped shape me into who I am today.  He held me in his arms the same way he is holding her. That same sweet gaze. With that same gentle voice, calming and reassuring. Such a strong presence in my life. It's scary to think what the future brings. It's inevitable. We all have an ending. What matters most is what we choose to do before the end.

I'm so blessed that his time has been lengthened. Prolonged to see his 5th grandchild, to hold her and gaze into her eyes. I'm so thankful that I still get to gaze into those eyes.
But most of all I'm so blessed to know that when his ending comes in this life that his life begins again in the heavenly arms of our Father. He chose his ending years ago. He chose to accept God's Son. To live with Him eternally.

I can't imagine having to say Good bye. Never being able to gaze into those eyes ever again. Life is so unpredictable. Tell someone you love, about Jesus. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in the end.

What will your ending be, a happy ending, or a sad ending?

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  1. Two precious faces. One legacy of a family whose lives are wholly devoted to Him.

    Thanks for these thoughts about endings, Kimmy. I love you!