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Saturday, February 15, 2014

He's Not The Romantic Kind

 He's never been the romantic type. Never one to light the candles and swoon me with sweet flowery words......He's never planned a romantic getaway.......Too practical for sending flowers that will soon die.
He's never been one for moon lit walks. Not since I've known him anyway. You see he has this one bad foot from a tragic accident long ago.....and it keeps him from doing what most people enjoy doing. He's not one to go out and buy things with jewels and drip them around my neck...
He's one to realize that those jewels could never amount to what he feels I'm worth. How do I know? Because his love is an action.....With him it's not a feeling. It's in the serving.
Never been one to write me love letters...Although he did write me one at my request. And I love him for doing it even though he never really wanted to. It's just not him. And I know most women would probably be upset. Most women wouldn't understand. Most women would of been hurt by his unromantic side.....But can I please share with you?

I fell in love with this man over 23 years ago. I fell in love with his smile, his voice, his big brown eyes. I fell in love with the way he fell in love with me. I fell in love with the raw, strong, hard working, real and very faithful man. I knew right from the beginning that he was good......He made me want to be good.

Can I tell you that I'm not one for a lot of shimmering jewels around my neck.....Can I tell you that I really love flowers but I'm not hurt because I fell in love with a practical man who bends to my crazy schemes and dreams....Goes off and buys me a cow and builds me a barn and all because I only asked once.....

Can I tell you that I know he has a soft side......can I tell you that when he whispers in my ear that he loves me, I really truly know he means it.....Because he's never been one to just toss those three words around.

My daughter asked me why her Daddy isn't the romantic kind. Why no flowers or dinner dates......I looked up and smiled at her. I asked her, "if he did those things would it make a difference?" She laughed and said "I think if he did, it would be funny because it just wouldn't be him."

Exactly! It just wouldn't be my man. It wouldn't be the one I fell in love with all those years ago. And I don't want him to pretend to be somebody he is not......I'm not one to cling to fake.....I'm all about being real.

This man that shares my life has shared his heart with me and only me and I love him! I love his rawness, how smart he is. I love his quiet, thinking side. I love how he is one with few words but when he speaks it's because he has wisdom to share (or something embarrassingly funny to say). I love his laugh and the moments he looks at me with those dark brown eyes. I love how we have literally grown into one over the years and still continue to do so.....I love how he is unromantic, but I am a hopeless romantic. I love that he is strong and I am sensitive. I love how we balance each other out.

So for all you women with your romantic men, you can keep em'!  It just wouldn't be right for me/for us!

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