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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Will You Listen?

Marked with 60 year old crayons, tied up with string and made from paper that's just as old, is a hand made recipie book. It still has flour on it from all those years ago. It seems to have with stood the test of time.
Made by this little boy. She calls him Richard. I call him daddy. It sits in my kitchen, writing all faded. I can't seem to make out the words in most of the recipes. But I keep it any way.......I guess as a reminder that a long time ago he was just a boy and she, she was a very young Mama. He was her first of seven. And the days and the stories grow old together. I never tire of hearing them. Life on the farm. It was hard and they were poor, but they had each other. My Daddy, if you give him an ear he'll give you the afternoon full of adventures, trials and things that he still questions....... why?

When your baking a cake it's always wise to follow the recipe. So that nothing gets left out. When living life there is a recipe book........the Bible And when that one ingredient gets left out the end results could be devastating. Literally life threatening.

He tugs at my ear, and asks won't you read/spend time with me? I wrote it just for you, I breathed life into it and I put my all in it. I poured out my heart. It's in there, the words on how to live this life to the fullest. I left nothing out. If your struggling, I can help. If your heartbroken, read my love letter. If your empty, come get filled up. If your full of praise come sing the psalms to me.

I hear Him calling "Please won't you just come sit with me a while? You really do make me smile. I'll take you on some amazing adventures. Action packed and full of mystery. Full of Romance and trials.....But most of all, it's full of Triumphs! It's where you will find grace for the days all done wrong...Love for the moments you feel alone......Instruction and good council when you need advise."

"I made a way. I cleared a path that you can take. One that leads you straight to me. Just give me some of your precious time and I will give you the most precious thing of all........LIFE beyond this side of heaven. Where death has no sting and brokenness has no stronghold......."

I truly do love you. My love? It has always withstood the test of time and it's strong enough to make you whole again. Strong enough to carry you through every hard hitting moment that blows your way. I promise!

These are the very words I hear in my head constantly, because He has written words of love and etched them deep with in my heart.

When God speaks to your heart, will you listen?

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