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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Everyday?

So I didn't get the Christmas letters out this year and I'm bummed.....I'm bummed because it's one of my favorite things to do.....But I may still send them out any way. Sunshine told me to send out Happy New Year letters and ya know, I think I just might do that!

Christmas came early this year. It came all bitter sweet. It came in unexpected surprises. It came with joyous tears. 

And as I have been going about my Christmas duties and tasks I was often reminded by the smiles of strangers and check out clerks, friends and every day people that Christmas didn't  happen for just one day. Christmas came down for all of our days. And I want to know why we don't keep our Merry through out the year? I want to know why we don't do random acts of kindness and smile just a little bit more? I want to know why we walk around like we have lost our hope?

And some would say, "But Christmas is special."  "That one day a year gives you something to look forward to."   "It wouldn't be special any more if we had Christmas every day."

Can I challenge you, me? Can we try to be as giving and loving every day as we are at Christmas time? Because really......I don't think being joyous and smiling like we were just given a gift everyday would get old.....I think we would all be better off. I think this world needs a lot of Christmas everyday.

I wanted to do random acts of kindness this month.....I didn't get done all I wanted to accomplish, as a matter a fact I just recently did one act of kindness to a stranger the other day.....I paid for a woman's lunch that was behind me in the drive thru- at Chic fil a. I must tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it! Such a high to step out of that comfort box and be bold with kindness...That lady followed me all the way to the Target parking lot, pulled up beside me and said "Did you just pay for my lunch?" Yes Ma'am! I said.......She smiled wide and said "Wow! Thank you sooo much!!" She couldn't believe it. She didn't understand it. She asked me Why? I told her, just because and Merry Christmas!

I want to be Christmas everyday to someone who needs Christmas everyday. 

Love came down one night long ago so that you and I could have CHRISTmas in our hearts everyday. Shouldn't we at least be gracious enough to share that gift? Shouldn't we thank Him with joyous hearts and spread the love more than once a year? 

Merry Christmas!

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