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Friday, December 6, 2013

Twelve Days Before Christmas Tradition

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you one of the things we are doing this month.....
Twelve days before Christmas!
I took twelve Christmas books, some we already had and some I bought to add to our collection and I wrapped them each up individually. 
I never knew this and just discovered this recently that there actually were little shepherd girls.....Who knew and didn't bother to tell me? I really just assumed they were all boys and men......total ignorance on my part I guess.
Every day, starting the twelfth day before Christmas they will get to open one book and we will read it together......I wanted to slow the season down a bit....{if that's really possible} and take the time to really lead them towards Christ. Sure we do Santa because it's fun and they get a big kick out of it and truth be told we do to.....But I want there hearts to know, see, taste, touch and feel the meaning of Christmas....
I want them to know with out a doubt little baby Jesus came to save the world!
Do I think traditions have a tendency to crowd out Jesus..... to numb the mind of the real reason for Christmas? Absolutely! But I also think traditions are important when used in the right context...Traditions hold families together....Cherished memories handed down from one generation to the next. But always remember the super glue is Christ. Traditions are just tape.....Ahhhh, they will hold you together for a little while, but when the storms come they tend to lose their stickiness. 
And yes we will bring out our little elf on the twelfth day as well.......Autum decided that she wanted to name her elf  Bell.......So we roll with it....Apparently Bo Jingles just didn't make the cut with her.

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