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Friday, August 9, 2013

Chasing Bunny Trails

It's been some days since I have graced this place. It's grace that allows me to be here at all. I have come to the conclusion that in order to live this life, more times than not it's all about letting go.
I guess I tell you that all the time. I tell you that this sin soaked Mama has so much to learn. And many times I feel I'm learning at a slow rate of speed. Many times I've wanted to come here to this spot and share with you all the things that seem to be running across my mind like a scared rabbit just trying so hard to find a way to escape.

And if you know me well, you know that chasing rabbits is something my mind does on a daily basis. Trying to stay focused, but this Mama she has so many things on her plate. Too many rabbits chasing bunny trails in her head.

I have great plans and schemes. I dream of wonderful pottage gardens, and reading literary classics to my children. I dream of a constantly clean home with candles all a glow. I dream.........

Sometimes those things, they do become reality.

And sometimes? I just let them go.........

Because honestly, in the grand scheme of things dreamed it's this......That my children see me broken, imperfect, but trying everyday to get it right. Oh not by my strength......Through my weakness He gives me strength.

Mama friend texts me a message telling me her hair is falling out. Ah and I believe I'm not the only one chasing dreams and bunny trails. Sometimes God comes at us in quiet ways and other times He lets our hair fall out.......Makes us aware of where our priorities truly lie..... She tells me her dreams were getting too big. She was taking on too much. And she just needed to let some of it go.

After chatting with her I come back with this light hearted message.... "Good thing you were made aware of this early or you would end up being completely bald!" We both come back with LOL's and ;).

Because really in this life the biggest lesson is all about just LETTING GO.....AND LETTING GOD.

So as I write this I am thinking of all the things I have learned and all things I want to share with you.....And sometimes my priorities are screaming in the background and I just have to let you go.....But only for moments at a time.....I will be in and out sporadically......After I catch a couple of bunnies. *smile*

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