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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

15 Minutes and a Whole Day Blessed!

Today I had to run down town 4 kids out of six in the car. And life is loud and crazy, but I've grown to having it be the norm.... And strangely enough, the quietness is welcoming but I begin to miss the noise when it stays away too long. We do what we had to do and we all pile back into the car. Just before we reach home I spot an elderly woman at her mailbox with her walker. 87 degrees outside and she is barely making an inch every couple of minutes. My Sunshine girl and I both looked at each other knowing that I had to turn around and go back so that we could help this old woman up the hill to her house.
I turn around and get to her drive way, sweat dripping off her brow and she is bent down low. I introduce my daughter and myself to her. Tell her that we are neighbors about a mile down the road. Then I politely ask if she would like some help....the look of relief flowed over her face and she couldn't  grab our arms quick enough as I carried her walker in one hand and her arm in the other. It must have been a couple hundred yards from her mailbox to her house up a rocky dirt driveway.
It took us all of 10 minutes to get up her driveway and to this very moment I have no idea how she makes that trek every day.

In that 10 minutes the Lord gave us time to talk. I shared Jesus with her and she shared her smile and her love for teaching.  "I was a teacher for 40 years for Lake county." She talked about classic literature and for me to make sure my children were reading the classics. We asked her to church, she accepted.
She sits down asks my Sunshine girl to guess her age. "Now don't be bashful!" Sunshine says 85 and the old woman came back with "I'm 98!" We left as if we were both riding on cloud nine, but before I said goodbye She grabs my hand and tells  me..."The Lord has blessed me so much because of you both stopping by to help me today. I'm so blessed and thank you, you have made this old gal's day!" I quickly tell her that we were the ones who were blessed.

Love moments like those! Those moments are there everyday, in big and small ways. It took 15 minutes out of my time and it blessed her whole day!

Not only should you look for the Blessings in everyday, we need to look for ways to BE THE BLESSING everyday! 

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