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Monday, July 29, 2013

Bring Back What Was Lost

If I told you that you can live life slow and enjoy company on a Sunday, would you believe me?

If I told you there was a way to have Sunday dinner and invite a few friends over with out worrying about every little detail of the house being clean, would you invite people over and enjoy their fellowship?

If I told you, you could bring back the traditions and recipes, the routines and the way of life that was had years ago by our Grandparents, would you find a way to restore what was lost?

Do you know what we have lost over the years? Do you know what we are losing?

Those ways may seem old fashioned, out of date, but are they really? Look back and see how strong the structure of God and family were.....How strong this country once was because of that foundation and structure. When God started to be pushed out and families started to fall apart, so didn't the communities which began the break down of this nation. Don't believe me? Go back and look at history, it does not lie.

Can I tell you that I believe technology is a (not so necessary) evil........

When God communicates, He tugs and pulls on heart strings. Speaks over and over the very thoughts you have in your head until you get it. Until you hear Him. I've heard Him tell me in the past not to worry so much about a perfect house, invite people over anyway. They are not there to visit your house. They are there to fellowship with you. Does that mean you shouldn't tidy up? Of course you should, but not to the point that people feel like they are visiting  a glass house.

Can I tell you about my Great Grandmother who always had the table set with her very best china. "You never know who might come knocking at your door."  Even if it was just coffee and biscuits, she always had something to offer you. And by the way I used to love to put her homemade jelly on those biscuits........

When did we stop knocking on people's doors on a Sunday afternoon? Or any day for that matter?

It's heartbreaking to me how we have lost so much over the years. All because we are too busy. All because texting and FaceBooking have become our means of fellowship. All because we don't want to entertain the thought of someone coming in our home to see that people actually do live here and they are normal everyday people with the socks under the couch just like you and me.

Do you want to know how to restore America? It's not as hard as you think. No, you don't have to break out your Grandmother's best china. Although you could if you wanted to.  It starts around the dinner table. Start making your meals from scratch. You don't have to be perfect at it. Everybody had to start somewhere. Sit with your family, Pray with your family. Enjoy a good wholesome meal with your family. Strong families are the ones that communicate. No better way to communicate than around the dinner table filled with food!

America needs God first and foremost. But America also needs her families put back together again. God can put your family back together again.

Then after you have practiced up by fellow-shipping with your family, Try inviting a few friends over for Sunday dinner after church.

Leave the Door Open. My family and I started Open Door Sunday at our home a few years ago. It's been changed and rearranged over and over until we discovered what works best. We started strong with family, but then suddenly realized that we weren't getting any new faces and Me, I was pregnant and there were days it was just too hard. So we took a break for a while and then Opened our door back up. Every third Sunday we invite some friends  from church to come over and fellowship. Yes we still get together with family but, mostly on Holidays. And then there are those random occasions we just invite people over no matter what day it is.

Restoring what we lost means restoring God back to His rightful spot. He will restore your family. Then we restore our fellowship with our neighbors. Invite them over. Build a strong community.  Lean on each other. Put the texting and FB away while you are visiting. Let them know they are important to you!

And as you become better at opening your door ask your Grandparents and other relatives about old recipes and traditions. They need to be written down. We need to stop losing our past because their future depends on it!

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