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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little boy and his dog

Some days life pulls the rug out from under you...Knocks the wind out of your sail......And then the night comes heavy and you feel you can't breathe with all the weight of the world heavy on your chest....

Little man took a hard blow yesterday. Found out that sometimes life is just too short. And oh if we could have a do over, I believe we would all go back and do some things differently.

And yet again so many times we may not get second chances........

Big brother sends him home trying to protect little man from what's about to take place. Some things you just shouldn't see no matter what.

Little man comes in the door unaware his little dog won't be following him to take the garbage out anymore. Won't be riding on the back of the mule the way she always had.....And my heart is beating fast. He asks me why he had to come home. One look in my eyes and he knew his little world was about to cave in around him. I held him real close trying to absorb the tears. Told him it was best she didn't suffer.

And how do you go about telling a little boy "everything will be okay" when he just lost his best friend? I tell him, "remember her happy".....He nods his head and agrees that's how he sees her.

I take him up to the shop, his Daddy comes out of the office calls him here and pulls him close. Little boy trying to be a man in front of his Dad, but the tears just don't stop. Daddy tells him the lessons to be learned by losing.....Most times those lessons are the hardest ones to learn, but they are the ones that make us stronger.....The ones that make us real and touchable. Ones that help us to encourage others in the future. Lessons that teach us to be careful, not only with pets but even more importantly with little baby sisters as well.

Big brother gives him a hug tells him he's been there more times than he can count, comes back home with us so he can help put his little dog to rest.

And yet there are blessings that come out of tragedy....

The Blessing of a close knit family reveals itself through death. Brothers and sisters they will quarrel, but when life gets hard, oh how beautiful it is to see them rally around the one that's hurt. To watch the love of a Daddy encompass his son and to hear him speak tender words in quiet ways to reassure him we are all here to help him through this.

Not too long ago little man had helped a family friend bury his dog that had died in a tragic accident. Little man stayed strong and helped dig the grave.....

Little man's heart overwhelms me........Little man has been shining very bright lately......And I ache because just maybe he has been shining this bright all along and I'm just now beginning to notice.......Mama is still learning life lessons too....Just life lessons of a different kind.

On the bright side, I see a puppy in our future!

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