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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ship Wrecked

I've been questioned about my Faith...... been asked how I know when God shows up. And do I really hear him talking?

God shows up when you show faith.....Faith shows up when you show trust.....Trust shows up when you see Truth....And Truth shows up when you read His word.....

I have a conscience inside my head that seems to be running as my compass. With out that compass I'd be shipwrecked. The Captain captivated my heart and has been teaching me all about this sin soaked world and how to navigate the storms of this life for 20 years now.

And yes beloved, I had those over board moments when I thought I be lost at sea. When the waves seemed too overwhelming for this girl's heart to bare......

But He always seems to have a life vest right there waiting for me. He pulls me back on board, dries me off, calms me down and somehow I'm able to navigate through with Him at the helm.

I'm amazed when I see all the ways God shows up........

He showed up in my kids all last week.....Showed up and showed out......Two of my children went to Global Youth last week and came home captivated......Came home knowing with out a doubt That Christ lives in the very intimate places of their hearts. He grabbed hold, moved some stuff around threw some stuff out and made more room for His navigational equipment. He made room and filled their hearts with more of His love. And oh how I love to see them so filled up that they are about ready to explode!

Showed up in little man.....When I thought I was the one teaching him all about loving others as you would love yourself.....He pipes up and says, "But Mama I love you more than I love myself." As this Mama's heart swells to the point of feeling like it's going to burst......I was the one that actually needed to learn the lesson and little man was the one God used to teach me again. Little man's heart is huge! I've seen him worry about loved ones when he was unsure of their future. I've been there when he needed to talk about important God things.......I've tried to answer questions that were too smart for me to answer.......And at the age of 9 he gets it!

Butterfly girl sits in a bean bag chair, feet propped up, bible open.......If there ever was a better place to put your nose,I have yet to find it......and she amazes me with her love for reading and the Bible is at the top of her list.

This Mama sounds proud and maybe to a certain extent that might be true......But I am more humbled by God moving in and stirring their hearts......It's not about me or my man.....It's all about God. And he gets the glory. He gets the honor. He gets the praise.....

He is the moral compass guiding our family's ship. With out Him we would all be Shipwrecked!

You wanna know about my faith?.......Faith is in the fruit that we bare. Faith is in the hard times when we put our trust in the one true God and even though we are hanging on by what it seems is just a thread, He's tugging the string and reeling us back in.

Faith is knowing that with out Him I would of stayed the same......I would of stayed ship wrecked.....And Beloved if you knew me then and compare me to now, you would know with out a doubt that there is A GOOD, LOVING and GRACIOUS GOD.

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