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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Beauty of Truth

 These ancient old steps and paths have seen many travelers from all walks of life. Shaded by 200 year old pine and oak trees. Their paths seem so dauntingly dark from a distance and yet the closer you get to them the more the light  reveals each step.
Reminds me so much of this life. How we look at our paths and wonder how can we navigate in such darkness. And sometimes we find darkness and stay and beg for the light to show us the way.
If there is a Christ dwelling then He is your light source. And the closer you walk with Him, the more light He shines on your path. Yes sometimes we sit in the dark places and spaces of this life and we ask why? Those are the times that we either draw closer or pull further away.

What are God's desires? He desires you. He desires that you choose Him. And most times the only moments we find the time to talk to Him is when anger or fear sets in. Can I tell you something Beloved, He wants to hear from you in all the ways, all the small ways of your life. Even in the ways that you think would never really matter, they truly matter to Him.

Reading the Book of Hosea this morning.....In that book you will find a loving, forgiving, merciful God....But you will also find a jealously, seeking loyalty kind of God. Who like every loving Father disciplines His children because He wants to see them walk the paths of life in the light.

His love and devotion prove true and He will allow nothing to destroy what has been established and He will do everything to preserve it......In the end of this Book His Loyalty wins the hearts of His people and they come to their senses giving Him the love He so fervently desires.

And when you walk out into the open and your path reveals life....Oh the Beauty of TRUTH shall be revealed.

Your path may seem dark right now, but God wants your undivided attention. He wants you to trust that He is the light to see you through to the other side. And Beloved, you just may be overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. The destination you were so fearful of was just a path you needed to take to get that much closer to a Loyal, Jealous, Loving, Merciful and Gracious God.....

The beauty of TRUTH is at the end of the well lit path.

'You are my People!' And they shall say, 'You are my God!' Hosea 2:23

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