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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rosemary Moments

Little flower girl digs her chubby fingers into the rich dark earth....Her nails filled thick with dirt. And she plants and pokes holes and sings God songs. I smile wide and soak it all in. She comes clumping along in her pink cow rubber boots wanting to know how to wash the thick layers of dirt off her hands.
I tell her to rub them in the Rosemary. And as she is washing her hands the fragrance fills the air and fills my senses! Have you ever smelled Rosemary after a gentle rain in the evening right at dusk? It's heavenly.....

 It's the little things like Mama telling her to wash her hands in the Rosemary, that she will always remember. And when ever she comes across it's fragrance, it will quickly whisk her away from where she is at any given moment and bring her back to Mama's garden. Bring her back to the God songs and the sunflower seeds.
Big events don't have to be planned to be remembered, for life to be remembered. Times cherished just have to be spent together even in the small ways. In the little everyday ways. It's what you do with your time...It's how you spend your time teaching, planting, caring, growing together. It's how you handle your moments. What you say. What you don't say. How you live, how you LOVE.....
It's making extra pie dough just so she can be with you....Doing the very same thing you do. Because these are the moments they will never forget! These kinds of moments are what they will cherish long after your time here.....The simple Rosemary Moments.

I remember those Rosemary moments...............

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